1-Day Adult Solo Pass

1-Day Adult Solo Pass

€75.00 / person

For 1 adult day from the 23rd December 2023


  • From 4 hours to 21 days
  • Adult : 13 to 64 years old

1-Day Adult SOLO pass: Beautiful Day

Devouring legendary runs, criss-crossing the mountainsides, or quietly following pastoral itineraries through idyllic surroundings.

It’s up to you to set the tone to your skiing day.

But whatever you choose, endless snowsports on the world’s largest ski area, beautiful panoramic views, as well as top-quality snow cover and piste grooming are yours for the taking.


Skiing on Val Thorens slopes
Val Thorens

The Adult’s 1-day Solo Pass is for skiers aged from 13 to 64, it is available at the price of 75€ from December 23rd 2023.

It is designed for those who love to ski alone, for skiers who want to meet up with friends on the slopes or for those who want to enjoy the freedom of skiing.

Did you know?

On Saturdays in Les 3 Vallées, everyone can be a big kid and pay the child price! For example:

From December 23rd to April 12th, pay just 60€ instead of 75€!

Low season – low prices!

In low season, at the start of December and the end of April, prices are low too:

60€ from December 2nd to 15th,

67.50€ from December 16th to 22nd,

67.50€ from April 13th to 21st.

4 hours of happiness!

The Adult Solo Pass is also available for 4 hours:

At the price of 67€ from December 23rd.

As well as for short breaks, from 2 to 5 days:

150€ for 2 days from December 23rd,

300€ for 4 days from December 23rd.

Exceptional natural snow conditions

See you soon in the world of snow

Ski freeride in Courchevel
Ski holidays are often booked months in advance, so it’s good to be able to set out without any worries to Les 3 Vallées. Our ski area offers exceptional natural snow conditions: the majority of the runs are above 1,800m and snow is guaranteed throughout the winter season!

Panoramic views to take your breath away, state-of-the-art lifts, fun zones for all ages – Les 3 Vallées is accessible to all, from complete beginners to experts.
Les 3 Vallées: guaranteed skiing!
Ski freeride in Courchevel


If you’re staying for a week: go for the 6-day pass!

Saving you money and time, the 6-day pass offers so many benefits!

Coming with your family? With friends? Don’t miss out on the great reductions available if you’re a Family (2 adults and 2 to 7 children aged from 5 to 17) and Tribe (3 people or more).

Extra special offers available from 6 days!

Discover skipasses for a week or longer



For a holiday that’s 100% pleasure, buy your pass online before you arrive. Your Pass SOLO can be bought with just a few clicks from your home and can be recharged as little as 5 minutes before you hit the slopes.

You can ski from one run to the next and from one resort to another, without ever needing to visit a lift office. You’ll gain time, flexibility and freedom – it’s pure skiing pleasure!

For your first purchase, order online and you will receive your pass in a few days at your home address (in France or abroad), or you can collect it from one of the pickup points in the resort.

If you already have a rechargeable pass at home, you can recharge it on our website, and simply put it in the pocket of your ski outfit. The hands-free turnstiles in Les 3 Vallées will detect your pass at each lift.

Buy your 3 Vallées skipass online


Discover 10 tips from Adrien Théaux, member of the French Speed Skiing team from Val Thorens, on how to prepare for Alpine activities.

1. Ease back,
into an exercise routine at least one week before your holiday. Forget the lift, it’s time to take the stairs! Goodbye public transport, hello bicycles and jogging!

2. A healthy lifestyle:
isn’t just about exercise. As well as staying active, a nutritious, balanced diet and a good night’s sleep are essential!

3. Check your equipment:
well- prepared and maintained skis, comfortable boots, a working helmet, a mask with protective lenses, the right- sized ski poles.

4. It never hurts,
to have a quick look at the piste map before your holiday. It will stop you having to get off and look at every ski lift!

5. In the morning,
bring a bag containing water, a snack, an extra layer in case of cold, and a pair of lightweight gloves if it’s hot.

6. That reminds me,
did you check the weather?

7. Skiing is a sport for early birds!
The pistes are most enjoyable just as they open!

8. Before you set off on your first run,
ensure you have warmed up every part of your body, including neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and legs. Stretch your legs with 3 sets of 10 bending movements with a 90 second interval between each set.

9. Start with a couple
of easy downhill runs to get warmed up.

10. Remember that fatigue generally
hits and accidents often occur after lunch and at the end of the day. To get a head-start on your next day, use your après-ski to do some light stretching, stay hydrated and go for quick swim if you can!