All skipasses

All skipasses


Set off on skis to soak up stunning views of the legendary Mont Blanc from the mountaintops and be amazed by the unique panoramas and total change of scenery. Discover all of our skipasses, designed so that everyone can create unforgettable memories in Les 3 Vallées.

A wealth of special offers to enjoy the season at any time


The 4th and 5th of December 2021 mark the start of the 2021/2022 winter season in Les 3 Vallées. It’s a great chance to celebrate skiing for a fraction of the usual price! To get the season off to a good start, adult, child and senior ski passes for Saturday 4th December are all half price.

This reduction applies to 2-day skipasses with Saturday at 50% off and Sunday at the normal rate. This special offer is available exclusively online until midnight on Friday 3rd December.


Don’t miss a moment of fun! Take advantage of these reduced prices to get back on your skis in low season!

From the very first snowflakes of the season (from 4th to 10th December and from 11th to 17th December) until the last (from 16th to 22nd April), treat yourself to extra-special time on skis in Les 3 Vallées at reduced prices.

Early & late season passes

3 Vallées skipasses for one day or short stays

From 4 hours of fun to 5 days of skiing, the Pass Solo is the occasional skier’s best friend! It adapts to all tastes, for the length of a morning, a day or a long weekend.

With a 4-hour skipass, you are free to decide when you want to hit the slopes. From a short stay of 1 day to a long, 5-day weekend, the Pass Solo offers you a re-energising break to marvel at the scenery and enjoy your fill of thrills in our winter wonderland. Adults (13-64 years), children (5-12 years) and seniors (65-74 years): each age group has its own price with preferential rates for children and seniors. Children under 5 and seniors of 75 or over are especially well looked-after in Les 3 Vallées as they are given a Pass for free!

Solo Day Pass

Given the choice, Saturday is the best day to immerse yourself in this fabulous playground and enjoy the quieter atmosphere. The good news: every Saturday during the winter season, Les 3 Vallées is open to all at the child price. A great deal not to miss!

Saturday deal

Unique panoramas in Les 3 Vallées : the largest ski area in the wolrd
Unique panoramas

Make the most of your holidays with a week 3 Vallées skipass

Skiers who want to immerse themselves in Les 3 Vallées on a holiday of 6 days or more can ski in complete freedom with a week skipass.

Thanks to a sliding price scale, this is equivalent in price to approximately 5 single days of skiing. So, over a 6-day stay, even if you choose to take a day off, the week skipass remains better value since the saving corresponds to more than one day. It’s a great way to get a breath of fresh air in the largest ski area in the world at the best price.

Skiers can enjoy a fantastic break with a Solo Pass, or can share it with others thanks to a whole range of VERY good deals on ski passes designed for skiing with others: the Duo Pass is perfect for creating memories for two; the Tribu Pass is for relaxing on a group holiday; and the Family Pass is ideal for embarking on an adventure with all the family.

Ski passes for a week or longer

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Skiers of all abilities intending to come for between 6 and 21 days can choose a custom-made skipass to create the perfect holiday.

    ALEXIS PINTURAULT, Champion - Courchevel - Alpine Skiing

    Les Marmottes in Courchevel, for its elevation difference, walls, and the views.

    CHLOÉ TRESPEUCH, Champion - Val Thorens - Snowboard Cross

    My favourite piste is the boardercrossslope! We are so lucky to have a World Cup-standard piste for training. It’s amazing. It is also adapted for tourists who can enjoy a fun experience with the family.

    RENAUD JAY, Champion - Les Menuires - Cross-Country

    Given my background, my favourite is the cross-country pistes at the Plan de l’Eau in Les Menuires where I first got into my discipline! But when alpine skiing, I always drop by the Fred Covilipiste.

    JEAN-FRED CHAPUIS, Champion - Val Thorens - Skicross

    La Haute Combe in Val Thorens for the natural variety of terrain and the superb view from the top. Then I take the La Loy piste down to Saint Martin. It’s magnificent.

    KEVIN GURI, Champion - Les Menuires - Freeride

    My favourite pistes are those with a bold natural character, such as the Jérusalem piste in Saint Martin. But in general, I use the slopes to get to the off-piste sections!

    LÉA LEMARE, Champion - Courchevel - Ski Jumping

    Without a second thought, Les Jockies, leading to Courchevel Le Prazfrom the top of the ski area. I love the feeling of being alone in the world, and when the piste is groomed it’s sensational. Huge fun guaranteed! It’s also the piste chosen for the 2023 World Championships, which says a lot!

    ADRIEN THÉAUX, Champion - Val Thorens - Alpine Skiing

    My favourite would be the La Cime Carron former red piste and the Poste du Plan de l’Eau. When you arrive first in the morning, the snow is just exceptional. There’s a good slope and undulating terrain – perfect for carving and working up some speed if you want!

    TIMOTHÉE THÉAUX, Champion - Ambassador 3 Vallées

    "My favourite pistes include: Petit Dou in Courchevel 1850, a high level piste with lots of terrain variation and very few people.Boismint followed by Plan de l’Eau in Val Thorens, to make a long piste with varied terrain. Dame Blanche on La Masse in Les Menuires, with steep slopes from top to bottom and consistent high-quality snow. Combe du Vallon in Méribel-Mottaret, for its length and view over the glaciers."

Escape to Les 3 Vallées all winter long with these 4 season passes

Once you have experienced the pleasure of skiing in Les 3 Vallées, you’ll want to come back again and again. Keen skiers love their season passes which allow them limitless use of the ski area.


This Unlimited 3 Vallées Pass is your key to skiing thrills without time limits or restrictions, and offers an unparalleled experience of the snowy mountains.

With a pass in their pocket, the fortunate owners of an Unlimited 3 Vallées Pass (Solo for individuals, Duo for couples or Tribu for groups) can set out on skis whenever they want throughout the winter season. The Unlimited 3 Vallées Pass is free for children under 5 and for those 75 and over, and available at a preferential rate for those under 30 (new for this year).

The Unlimited 3 Vallées Pass includes some bonuses to enhance your experience of the mountains this winter! You can invite a friend to discover the ski area free for a day; enjoy thrilling toboggan runs; or spend an unforgettable season travelling around the world using your free ski days overseas ... Dream big this winter!


Subscribe to a 3 Vallées Liberté Pass to enjoy spontaneous and unrestricted skiing, without worrying about deciding your destination in advance.

This pass is for keen skiers who spend between 8 and 21 days on the slopes each season: it adapts to all preferences, and doesn’t require payment in advance.

Each ski day is recorded and charged to your account in the evening, according to your itinerary. Several 3 Vallées Liberté passes can be charged to a single account. And in addition, you will benefit from preferential rates and loyalty benefits.


For skiers who are determined to ski regularly despite their busy schedule, the 3 Vallées 2/7 Pass is undoubtedly the best compromise.


This new pass is designed for people who cram their skiing time into two days a week. These days may be consecutive or non-consecutive, and run from Monday to Sunday. Without worrying about recharging their ski pass, skiers simply set out on the slopes to enjoy the fabulous panoramas of the world's largest ski area.


For those who want freedom to enjoy a few thrilling descents whenever they fancy, the 3 Vallées Skiflex Pass is the most flexible and easy to use.


It’s yet another new product for the 2021/2022 season! This pass includes 20 lift rides per week, to be used whenever you like from Monday to Sunday. For example, you can make the most of the great outdoors by taking 2 to 3 ski lifts every day if you want! Or you can go further afield on the 600km of ski runs on one fun-packed day of skiing.

Buy your season skipass


Making the perfect turn, carving and slicing through the snow…

Feeling the speed, a force that pushes you to confront both the slope and yourself, suspended in that unbelievable second when you’re the one to decide where and when the next turn begins… There’s such intense joy in mastering the moves, and doing so with ease, as if you’re dancing with the slope to music chosen by you, to your rhythm, an intimate tryst you’ve been waiting impatiently for, where nothing else matters.

Order your skipass online for more skiing time!

So that you can enjoy every possible minute on your skis in Les 3 Vallées, your skipasses can be purchased and recharged online. This offers you four major benefits!

Easy purchasing.
Our website offers you all the best deals. Once you have made your choice, you will receive your rechargeable passcard by post, free of charge, in a few days. (This applies even if you live outside of France, but make sure you allow sufficient delivery time.) If, however, you are already en route or in a hurry, opting to pick up your skipasses in the resort will still save you time.

Quick recharging.
You can recharge your passcard online with the skipass of your choice, up to 5 minutes before you go skiing. It’s simple, fast and eco-friendly!
Recharge your card online

Save time.
No time waiting at the sales office means more time on the slopes! As soon as you arrive, you are free to enjoy the 105km2 of skiing playground!

Free cancellation.
If something unexpected happens or you have a last-minute change of plan, your ski passes can be cancelled free of charge until your 1st day of skiing, provided you have not used any ski lifts.

With a skipass bought in a few clicks, each skier in Les 3 Vallées will enjoy a freer and easier experience of the snow on the largest ski area in the world. Now you can dedicate yourself to the exhilaration and pure pleasure of ‘le grand ski’!

A collection of sensations

The largest ski area in the world

Velvety ski slopes in Les 3 Vallées, the largest ski area in the world
Velvety ski slopes
Recharging your batteries on the 600km of ski runs in the largest ski area in the world is to experience the best in skiing: unlimited skiing! In this endless exploration of nature you never have to visit the same place twice, perfect for totally letting go. Les 3 Vallées offers endless skiing routes all over this huge outdoor playground.

As well as thrilling you with skiing adventures, Les 3 Vallées enthrals you by stimulating all your senses. Skiers are invited to create memorable moments: relax by the fireside of an alpine chalet; dare to scuba dive under ice; or taste the creations of great chefs on the mountainside. Get away from it all in this exceptional area!
Velvety ski slopes in Les 3 Vallées, the largest ski area in the world
Velvety ski slopes
Guaranteed skiiing in Les 3 Vallées from the beginning of December to the end of April

Les 3 Vallées, your ski guarantee

Les 3 Vallées can be summed up in 3 words: freedom on skis! A network of state-of-the-art ski lifts and unique ski runs connect the 7 resorts making up the largest ski area in the world (Courchevel, Méribel, Brides-Les-Bains, Les Menuires, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Val Thorens and Orelle). The itineraries on offer allow you to pass through exceptional landscapes with breath-taking views. Climbing to the top of the Saulire, at an altitude of 2,740m, to admire a 360° panorama of the most beautiful peaks of the Alps, is worth all the gold in the world!

These treasures are accessible to every sort of skier, all season long. Everyone will find their happy place here: half of the ski runs offer fun skiing for beginners and intermediate skiers (green and blue runs) and the other half offer greater challenges for all-terrain skiers (red and black runs). The ski area is always snow-covered as 85% of it lies above 1,800m, which means snow is optimal from December to April. Snow and skiing are guaranteed!

Ski Guarantee