Top holiday ideas

Top holiday ideas

7 inspiring holiday ideas in Les 3 Vallées

In the world's largest ski area, the ski season runs from the beginning of December to the end of April. Five whole months to explore the white paradise, on consistently good snow.

Five months of grandiose panoramas to be savoured, during a picnic at the summit or a break on the terrace.

Five months of wonderful sensations whatever your level of skiing.

Five months of pure escapism to enjoy with your partner, friends or family.

In short, an immense playground for an unforgettable season! To prepare for it, discover our 7 ideas for holidays to get off the beaten track and enjoy a great get together in the 3 Valleys!

From the beginning of December to the end of April, the ski season can be lived in your own way, forging indelible memories. It's always time for a mountain gathering!

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What if this year you decided to be among the first to open the slopes at the beginning of the winter season?

Imagine... a stay in Les 3 Vallées at the beginning of December, ahead of the school holidays. The joy of being back on the slopes, enjoying the fresh air or meeting up with friends for an evening out. Ski passes are available at special early season prices and the rental equipment is brand new!

As for the snow? Don’t worry, with more than 85% of the ski area located at an altitude of over 1800 metres, the snow will be there. All that's left is for you to take your friends on an adventure and end the year in style!

A week in early December to enjoy best prices on 3 Vallées skipasses

My week in early December


Go skiing in Les 3 Vallées during January to enjoy the best snow conditions

What’s your new year’s resolution? Why not head off on a ski trip with friends in January!

Set the tone for the coming winter season by devising a programme that will cause a sensation: hurtle down the World-famous ski runs, discover the secret corners of the largest ski area in the world in the company of a ski instructor, challenge yourself off-piste... Your powdery adventures can be punctuated by delectable après-ski moments, simply because you deserve it.

And what if you took advantage of this to take your taste buds to the summit? Share a unique moment at a table of one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants in Les 3 Vallées. Precious memories are formed on the mountainside, ready to be shared again and again!

Easy 3 Vallées in January


When the call of the mountains becomes irresistible, don't wait for the holidays to take advantage of the largest ski area in the world! For a weekend, organise a fully packed time out from the daily grind, with your partner or friends, to enjoy the great outdoors together and create unforgettable moments.

Sports challenges on the ski runs or off-piste in the company of an instructor; laughter on the huge sledging slopes; a slower paced activity on snowshoes or an old-world experience on a dog sled... A rich and varied programme to be perfected by well-deserved breaks for lunch on the terrace in the sun or at the extra-ordinary Folie Douce for entertainment that matches the altitude. To make sure you don't miss a thing, book accommodation at the foot of the slopes.

What are you waiting for to pack your bags and succumb to the pleasures of an impromptu ski weekend?

A weekend in Les 3 Vallées with friends : try off-piste activity with a Les 3 vallées ski instructor

Whatever your level, your available days off, the level of your winter sports friends…
there is a holiday for everyone in Les 3 Vallées.


A stay form sunday to sunday in Les 3 Vallées

Take advantage of clear road access, discounts on accommodation, special opportunities on the slopes... so many reasons to start your stay in Les 3 Vallées on a Sunday!

Take advantage of the ski slopes from Monday to Saturday, when the ski runs are less frequented and the ski day is cheaper on Saturday. Don't worry, at the height of the season, everything is as available in the seven resorts that make up Les 3 Vallées on Sundays as on other days of the week. Equipment rental shops, tourist offices, small shops, restaurants... all will be ready to give you a warm welcome.

The icing on the cake: arriving at your holiday destination on a Sunday is an opportunity to take advantage of the greater availability of staff. The very best of Les 3 Vallées experience!

From Sunday to Sunday


Because there is so much to do, see and to experience in Les 3 Vallées, prepare your short stay by choosing your ideal programme of activities!

On a four-day long weekend in March, for example, start gently stretching your ski legs on the delicious green and blue slopes of the ski area. Then after a leisurely start, it's time for a challenge! Discover the ski area as you have never seen it before in the company of a ski instructor who will reveal all its secrets. Between well-hidden itineraries and secret spots for souvenir photos, you'll have a great time.

The adventure is rounded off with a relaxing moment in a mountain restaurant to taste the local specialities. Four days is perfect break from everyday life!

A short break in March with your friends in Les 3 Vallées

4-day break in March


Enjoy the month of April to go skiing in Les 3 Vallées

It's wonderful to be able to enjoy the wide-open spaces to the end of the season!

The temperatures are milder, the snow is still there, the budding skiers have already gained confidence after having taken some ski lessons at the beginning of the winter... In April, all the conditions combine to ensure that your family ski holiday will be a privileged interlude in Les 3 Vallées! Ski instructors are still available to help you perfect the right techniques or to guide you off the beaten track.

Make memories during your last descents. In the world's largest ski area, the pleasures of winter last a long time!

April sun with the family


April, spring, yes, but it's not yet time to put away your ski suit, instead organise a stay with friends in Les 3 Vallées to finish the winter in style. The days are longer and the temperatures milder for ski days that last longer!

With your 3 Vallées Tribu Pass in your pocket and ski equipment rented, the extended weekend promises to be a busy one. To each his own programme, between gentle green or blue runs, more technical famous ski runs or off-piste descents. You can take the time to once again admire the exceptional panoramic views along the slopes and to enjoy nature to the full. At lunchtime or in the early evening, meet up to exchange tales of the fabulous day.

One last magical stay before spring!

April holiday with friends in Les 3 Vallées