Passes for a week or longer

Passes for a week or longer

Passes for a week or longer: 6 days or more to enjoy Les 3 Vallées!

600km of legendary ski runs, magnificent snowy mountain scenery, memorable moments to share… This winter, treat yourself to a break of 6 to 21 days in the heart of the mountains of the largest ski area in the world. It’s great to escape to Les 3 Vallées!

264€ / person

For a 6 days Family Pass from the 18th December

3 Vallées skipasses from 6 to 21 days: the advantages of a week pass

Because Les 3 Vallées is so vast, it is ideal to be able to take your time and discover it at your own pace. Skiers of all abilities intending to come for between 6 and 21 days can choose a custom-made skipass to create the perfect holiday.

3 Vallées skipasses for the week and stays, from 6 to 21 days. Access to the good deals : Pass Duo, Tribu and Family.

Starting from 6 days in Les 3 Vallées, the pass price per day reduces for all skiers. A six-day skipass gives you the equivalent of one day’s skiing free, making your holiday more relaxing. You can treat yourself to a day at a spa, or spend family time in one of the fun zones or go on a snowshoe outing, for example. You’ll be free to create a holiday that suits you perfectly!

Buying pass for a week, or up to 21 days, is also an opportunity to spend more time on the slopes and less time at the skipass office. You’ll only have to buy or recharge your pass once during your stay (which you can do online or in person). Once your skipass is in your pocket, it will be read automatically at each lift. You can ski freely around all 7 of the ski resorts that make up Les 3 Vallées, without once having to take your skis off, leaving you free to concentrate on thrills, shared moments and exceptional scenery!

3 Vallées Family Pass : the VERY good deal, everybody pays the child tariff !
Le Signal, Courchevel

A range of skipasses and special deals to share

Enjoy skiing on your own, or treat yourself to a holiday in Les 3 Vallées with a partner, or take all your friends skiing! There is a week pass to suit every group of skiers! The shared savings vary according to skiers’ ages and the size of the group.


A love of skiing is passed from one generation to the next, which is why Les 3 Vallées offers a special pass designed for family ski holidays of 6 to 21 days. Perfect for groups of four skiers, including two parents and two or more children, the Family Pass 3 Vallées allows every member of your happy band a holiday at the child price, with a 6-day pass at 264€ instead of 330€ per person.

As well as two adults, your group may include up to 7 budding skiers aged from 5 to 17 years. Get ready for giggling fits on chairlifts, all sorts of thrills and spills, and family photos on snowy mountaintops!

Whether you wish to savour your freedom by skiing on your own, or enjoy saving money by skiing with others, a 3 Vallées skipass for a week or up to 21 days opens infinite possibilities for adventures and unforgettable holidays.

If you would prefer a half-day ski outing or unlimited time on the slopes this winter, take a look at all the skipasses available in Les 3 Vallées.


The Solo Pass is available from as little as 4 hours, but it becomes most beneficial from 6 consecutive days, when it offers you a saving equivalent to an entire day’s skiing. This lower price allows you to enjoy Les 3 Vallées ski area at your own pace. From budding skiers to seasoned experts, there is price to suit everybody:

Free up to 4 years and 75 or over

Child, from 5 to 12 years

Adult, from 13 to 64 years

Senior, from 65 to 74 years

This is the ideal skipass to enjoy 6 to 21 days of freedom amongst the stunning peaks of Les 3 Vallées ski area!


The individual Solo Pass offers you freedom on skis, and by skiing with one or more other skiers, you start saving money! Ski with a partner – whether it’s your sibling, cousin or colleague – and you’ll share a reduced-rate skipass as well as wonderful times together on the slopes.

The Duo Pass 3 Vallées must be bought with one other peson, with a single payment and for same duration for both skiers. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy a 10€ discount per person compared with an individual adult 6-day skipass… The only difficulty will be agreeing a date for your jaunt to the Alps!


Thrills are even better when they are shared, which is why the Tribu Pass 3 Vallées offers groups of 3 or more skiers another good reason to holiday together. When you buy a Tribu Pass together, with one payment and for the same duration, you save 15€ per person compared with an individual adult 6-day skipass.

A skipass for a week or longer means you can spend time with your family or friends in an exceptional setting on a unique winter holiday and save money too! Les 3 Vallées has some nice surprises in store for you!

Ski passes for a week or longer

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Skiers of all abilities intending to come for between 6 and 21 days can choose a custom-made skipass to create the perfect holiday.

A vast range of experiences

An unforgettable holiday for every skier

A ski area for all levels : in Les 3 Vallées there is a slope for every skier
When you choose Les 3 Vallées for your holiday, you can book with confidence, knowing snow is a certainty throughout the entire winter season. 85% of the ski area lies above 1,800m, with several summits over 2,500m and 6 glaciers… Snow is therefore optimal from the beginning of December to the end of April! More than 2,100 snow cannons and a fleet of 70 grooming machines complement these exceptional natural conditions to guarantee snow throughout the winter.

And because a ski holiday is not complete without time spent away from the ski runs, Les 3 Vallées offers a vast range of other experiences. Fun zones, toboggan runs or pampering in a spa -there’s an après-ski to suit everyone! And with cheeks still flushed and a head filled with astonishing views, you can round off your day with a delicious dinner in one of the many restaurants in the seven resorts of the world’s largest ski area. Bon appetit!
A ski area for all levels : in Les 3 Vallées there is a slope for every skier

A holiday that’s 100% enjoyment: the 4 advantages of buying your skipass online

Is your ski holiday drawing near? Whether you are holidaying alone or with your family, friends or partner, it’s a great idea to finalise your preparations by buying your skipass with a few clicks before you hit the slopes!

A simpler process.
Having chosen the skipass to suit your holiday in Les 3 Vallées, simply order or recharge it online. If you are buying your first pass, allow a few days for your rechargeable passcard to arrive at your home. There is no charge for postage, even if you live abroad.

Buy in just a few clicks.
If you already have a rechargeable passcard, you can recharge it with the pass of your choice up to 5 minutes before you hit the slopes. A few clicks and it’s done!
Recharge your passcard online

More time on skis.
You don’t have to visit the skipass office in the resort (unless you decide to pick up your pre-purchased skipass on arrival). Your ski holiday should be 100% enjoyment!

Set out with peace of mind.
In case the unexpected should happen, you can cancel your pass and be fully reimbursed up to the first day of skiing, provided you haven’t used any lifts.

Set out on a voyage of discovery for a week or more to Les 3 Vallées. With its endless skiing, wide-open spaces, excitements and gentle pleasures, it’s sure to be a holiday you will remember for ever!


Seven resorts linked by 339 ski runs, totalling 600km

There’s no denying Les 3 Vallées ski area is immense.

The runs in this ski area are equally divided between easy and more challenging skiing, to the delight of beginners, intermediates and experts. There are charming green and blue runs at higher altitude for enjoyment that starts from your first descents. There are also legendary red and black runs or virgin off-piste for the ultimate adrenalin rush. There is plenty here for every age, every level and every taste! This ski playground is also ideal if you wish to be guided through unknown territory or learn the basics with an instructor from the ESF French Ski School.