Natural and artificial lakes in Les 3 Vallées for families

Natural and artificial lakes in Les 3 Vallées for families

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enjoy Natural and artificial lakes in Les 3 Vallées with your family

With over 80 lakes and ponds, and countless streams and rivers, there are plenty of opportunities to cool off on a hot day.

Whether you're looking for a secluded spot for a dip or a lively lakeside beach to enjoy the sun, you're sure to find the perfect spot.

Discover our selection of natural and artificial lakes that you can reach easily for families!

Cool off,


Have fun,

Enjoy a spot of fishing

Or water sports...

There’s something to delight all ages!
So what are you waiting for? Grab your towel and head to Les 3 Vallées for a refreshing swim!


A turquoise treasure waiting to be discovered

Nestling in a preserved green setting surrounded by forest at the foot of the famous Dent du Villard, the Lac de la Rosière is the perfect place for a relaxing day with family or friends. Discover its waterside barbeque and picnic area, kayaking, botanical path, treetop adventure trail and via ferrata at the heart of nature, on the water’s edge.

Our favourite: Take a break at the refreshments chalet run by Roland Georges, as famous for the warm welcome it extends as the lovingly prepared crêpes that it serves, showcasing local organic ingredients.

Swimming prohibited

La Rosière lake in Courchevel
La Rosière lake


Le Praz lake in Courchevel
Le Praz lake

The coolest for a fresh break

Dominated by the Courchevel Olympic ski jumping hills, its surroundings, designed for walking and relaxation, allow you to follow the training and competitions of the world’s best jumpers live.

The green shores of the lake offer a haven of peace to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. Visitors can indulge in peaceful fishing, swim in its crystal-clear waters, or take a stroll along the picturesque trails that run alongside the lake, providing breathtaking views of the majestic Alpine mountains.

Supervised swimming area

Le Praz lake in Courchevel
Le Praz lake, Courchevel


Reach for the stars…

At the heart of Tuéda Nature Reserve, a lake of the same name nestles on a high-altitude plateau, boasting stunning landscapes that bear striking similarities to the Canadian Far North.

Fans of fly fishing won’t be disappointed, with this being the main activity here, at the heart of nature, surrounded by beautiful views.

Our favorite: the Maison de la Réserve Naturelle du Plan de Tuéda. This iconic place offers a unique immersive experience, allowing you to explore the preserved alpine ecosystem of the 3 Vallées. With interactive exhibitions, passionate naturalist guides, and thematic excursions, you will delve into the heart of the region's fauna and flora, contributing to the preservation of this natural treasure.

Swimming prohibited

Tuéda lake in Meribel
Tuéda lake


Plan de l'Eau des Bruyères in Les Menuires
Plan de l'Eau des Bruyères

Easily accessible to families

Discover the Plan de l'Eau des Bruyères – the perfect destination for an easy walk, a spot of fishing, a fun MTB ride…

Discover the preserved wetlands, true ecological gems, where the Alpine biodiversity reveals all its splendor. Let yourself be carried away by an immersive experience in contact with unique fauna and flora, while taking the time to relax and enjoy a peaceful picnic, listening to the gentle murmur of the river. At the Plan de l'Eau des Bruyères, treat yourself to a moment of connection with nature, a contemplative pause that will leave you with unforgettable memories at the heart of this preserved treasure of the French Alps.

Swimming prohibited


A Picturesque Alpine Oasis

Surrounded by majestic peaks, this lake offers a breathtaking spectacle, reflecting the beauty of the surrounding mountains. At Lac du Lou, summer presents a striking contrast with the crystal-clear waters of the lake and the verdant landscapes. It's the perfect opportunity for a contemplative pause, to admire the natural beauty and rejuvenate in the heart of the French Alps.

Our favorite: the Refuge du Lac du Lou, a picturesque mountain refuge that warmly welcomes you by the edge of this magnificent body of water. After a pleasant hike, take the time to relax in this idyllic setting and savor a generous slice of their famous homemade blueberry tart.

Lac du Lou between Les Menuires and Val Thorens in Les 3 Vallées
Lac du Lou