3 Vallées MTB and pedestrian maps

Maps of mountain biking and pedestrian itineraries in les 3 Vallées for the 2023 summer

Les 3 Vallées is an extraordinary playground for two-wheel fans: breathtaking enduro downhill trails, stunning panoramas that even beginners can enjoy thanks to the electrical assistance...

It is also an extraordinary territory with endless kilometres of mountains where you can enjoy a discipline that is accessible to all, from spring to autumn: hiking.


Map of all the mountain bike itineraries in the 3 Valleys


Map of all pedestrian itineraries in the 3 Valleys


Your Mountain Adventure Essential

Discover the 3 Vallées Slopes Map! With just a simple click, you'll gain access to a wealth of essential information for your skiing days. Our slope map is designed to help you maximize your enjoyment on skis or snowboard. Here's what you can expect from this invaluable resource:

Planning and Anticipation: This will allow you to plan your descents, locate ski lifts and dining spots, and identify the routes best suited to your skill level.

Easy Download: If you prefer to have an offline copy, you can download the slope map in an instant. Slip it into your pocket or backpack to have it at your fingertips, even when you're offline.

Useful Information: In addition to slopes and ski lifts, our 3 Vallées slopes map contains practical information such as the exact locations of first aid stations, the most beautiful viewpoints, restrooms, and recreational areas...

The slope map is also available on-site at the ski lift ticket sales points, tourist offices, and with your accommodation provider.

Download the map of the world's largest ski area

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Why not make the most of our ski lifts to discover Les 3 Vallées in summer, whether on foot or on mountain bike? A whole host of different pedestrian and MTB passes are available to fulfil your need to get away from it all! Discover the whole offer...