Exceptional skiing

Exceptional skiing

Welcome to the world’s largest ski area!

Enjoy skiing in Les 3 Vallées until April 21st!
(Partial connections guaranteed from April 13th to 21st)

And even until May 5th,
thanks to Val Thorens, the highest ski resort in Europe, and Orelle!


Discover the opening dates of each 3 Vallées resort

Les 3 Vallées: partial opening from December 2 to December 22, 2023, and from April 13 to April 21, 2024; full opening from December 23, 2023, to April 12, 2024

Val Thorens: from 18th November 2023 to 5th May 2024

Orelle: from 25th November 2023 to 5th May 2024

Courchevel & Méribel: from 2nd December 2023 to 21st April 2024 (Courchevel-Moriond and Courchevel-La Tania opening on 9th December 2023)

Les Menuires: from 9th December 2023 to 19th April 2024

Brides-les-Bains: from 9th December 2023 to 12th April 2024

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville: from 16th December 2023 to 19th April 2024

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An XXL off-piste area in Les 3 Vallées

Here, you’re guaranteed exceptional skiing from the beginning of December to the end of April:

On a wide variety of runs,

And in an extraordinary playground beloved by snowsports fans from all around the world.

Every winter season, skiers arrive on Les 3 Vallées’ slopes from all over to discover the range of mind-blowing skiing on offer there, both on and off the ski runs!

Get your legs warmed up and your ski edges sharpened, we’re expecting you in Les 3 Vallées…

A vast high-altitude expanse combined with a huge network of ski lifts: that’s the winning formula that makes Les 3 Vallées an extraordinary playground for off-piste skiing!

All the natural conditions combined to delight freeriders who love venturing outside the boundary markers in search of thrills and untouched slopes on which to leave their tracks:


Snow quality,

A variety of difficulty levels…

Les 3 Vallées: guaranteed skiing

Infinite Freeride Experiences

Infinite Freeride Experiences


Off-piste skiing lessons with the 3 Valleys' ski schools

Though enjoyment is the ultimate aim of freeriding, you can’t afford to forget about safety.

And if there’s anyone who can help you experience the mountains with absolute peace of mind, it’s Les 3 Vallées instructors and guides!

Their perfect knowledge of the area, the snow conditions, and the right places to enjoy in line with your ability and preferences, makes their presence an indispensable part of any session in an unsecured zone.

Discover adult ski lessons and off-piste

Vast white & wild stretches

Meet your off-piste needs

Off-piste in Les 3 Vallées : an XXL area, lots of possibilities
You don’t even have to go far to have fun and enjoy unique freeride adventures on backcountry or touring skis. Skiing freedom is quite simply all around you!

Obviously, some vast white, wild stretches are more worth the effort than others and are only accessible after somewhat physical and demanding itineraries. But in Les 3 Vallées, the joys of gliding over fresh snow aren’t reserved to an elite of experienced skiers!

Not only do the areas alongside the ski runs meet your off-piste needs, but they’re also easy to access and within everybody’s reach. That’s the case, for example, on the Gébroulaz and Le Borgne off-piste sectors in Méribel, on le Geffriand off-piste itinerary, and the Lac du Lou in Les Menuires.
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Off-piste in Les 3 Vallées : an XXL area, lots of possibilities


In this white paradise where the only thing that matters is carving beautiful curves and stunning picture-postcard turns, some runs have developed legendary reputations.

They’re where the best skiers have traced their most beautiful memories and beginner skiers have sampled their first taste of freedom. Everyone will tell you about the intense joy of gliding over magical, perfectly groomed snow in incomparably beautiful landscapes.

There are those that take their name from the resorts’ heroes and heroines:

“Béranger” in Val Thorens is named after Jean Béranger, a major figure in French skiing who played a key role in the creation of the resort.

“Goitschel”, once again in Europe’s highest resort, gets its name from sisters Christine and Marielle, Val Thorens pioneers and multiple Olympic and World Championship medal winners in the 1960s.

In Méribel, discover “Mauduit”, which is named after local champion Georges Mauduit, a spectacular run with an impressive vertical drop, a varied route and forest sections.

Courchevel’s “Jean Blanc”, named after one of the resort’s founding fathers, is an unmissable technical run for experienced skiers with a steep wall and a gradient of over 40%! The view at the end makes it all completely worth it.

There’s also “Léo Lacroix” in Les Menuires, an incomparable black run that pays homage to the Olympic downhill medal winner.

Discover all 3 Vallées skipasses


"Jérusalem" - Bucolic pilgrimage

On the subject of homage, it’s impossible to bring up the legendary runs without mentioning “Jérusalem”, in memory of the victims of the Second World War who were helped by Savoie locals who didn’t hesitate to hide them from the Germans in the barns bordering the run. A key location for the Resistance, today it’s become a place of pilgrimage.

In winter, when it’s robed in white, the itinerary is one of the most magical places to discover in Les 3 Vallées. Remarkably tranquil, the run offers a bucolic but playfully undulating ride.

Legendary slopes in Les 3 Vallées and unique panoramas

Perched at an altitude of 2,800 metres, la Pointe de la Masse looks down over the valley. This sector offers high quality skiing, thanks to its northerly exposure, and guarantees optimal snow conditions throughout the winter season.

In Méribel Mottaret, go to the summit of Mont-Vallon (2,952 metres) and treat yourself to the “Combe du Vallon”: a 3 kilometre-long run that’s demanding yet delicious, with a view that some may find unnerving!

From the top of La Saulire in Courchevel (2,740 metres), unfurls the Combe of the same name, which can be approached in either a full-on or laidback way (though preferably with carving skis!) with views over Mont Blanc. This is the sector in which the brave venture out onto the “Grand Couloir”, a black run which is among the most difficult in Les 3 Vallées…

Two other slopes which are sculpted for champions :

“Roc de Fer” in Méribel will welcome the Alpine Skiing World Cup finals in 2022 and the World Championships in 2023,

“L’Eclipse” in Courchevel, a new piste which follows the layout of the Jockeys track. This slope will welcome the World Championships in 2023 : 3.3 km and 970m vertical drop !

And then there are those runs that are legendary for their rare beauty, and which have retained a touch of mystery and wildness…

To discover them, you need to go right to the edge of Les 3 Vallées on the Courchevel-Moriond side and tackle “Les Chapelets”. In the similarly magical Courchevel-La Tania, “Folyères” awaits you.

    ALEXIS PINTURAULT, Champion - Courchevel - Alpine Skiing

    Les Marmottes in Courchevel, for its elevation difference, walls, and the views.

    CHLOÉ TRESPEUCH, Champion - Val Thorens - Snowboard Cross

    My favourite piste is the boardercrossslope! We are so lucky to have a World Cup-standard piste for training. It’s amazing. It is also adapted for tourists who can enjoy a fun experience with the family.

    RENAUD JAY, Champion - Les Menuires - Cross-Country

    Given my background, my favourite is the cross-country pistes at the Plan de l’Eau in Les Menuires where I first got into my discipline! But when alpine skiing, I always drop by the Fred Covilipiste.

    JEAN-FRED CHAPUIS, Champion - Val Thorens - Skicross

    La Haute Combe in Val Thorens for the natural variety of terrain and the superb view from the top. Then I take the La Loy piste down to Saint Martin. It’s magnificent.

    KEVIN GURI, Champion - Les Menuires - Freeride

    My favourite pistes are those with a bold natural character, such as the Jérusalem piste in Saint Martin. But in general, I use the slopes to get to the off-piste sections!

    LÉA LEMARE, Champion - Courchevel - Ski Jumping

    Without a second thought, Les Jockies, leading to Courchevel Le Prazfrom the top of the ski area. I love the feeling of being alone in the world, and when the piste is groomed it’s sensational. Huge fun guaranteed! It’s also the piste chosen for the 2023 World Championships, which says a lot!

    ADRIEN THÉAUX, Champion - Val Thorens - Alpine Skiing

    My favourite would be the La Cime Carron former red piste and the Poste du Plan de l’Eau. When you arrive first in the morning, the snow is just exceptional. There’s a good slope and undulating terrain – perfect for carving and working up some speed if you want!

    TIMOTHÉE THÉAUX, Champion - Ambassador 3 Vallées

    "My favourite pistes include: Petit Dou in Courchevel 1850, a high level piste with lots of terrain variation and very few people.Boismint followed by Plan de l’Eau in Val Thorens, to make a long piste with varied terrain. Dame Blanche on La Masse in Les Menuires, with steep slopes from top to bottom and consistent high-quality snow. Combe du Vallon in Méribel-Mottaret, for its length and view over the glaciers."

Skiing in search of Les 3 Vallées legendary runs means getting up close to the summits, because that’s where they all begin!

Exceptional skiing

for experts

Like the other connoisseurs who come from all over the world to glide on the slopes of Les 3 Vallées, you know that this is where you come alive, satisfying your need for vertical drops, quenching your thirst for ascent and descent, walls, moguls and powder snow…