Guaranteed skiing

Guaranteed skiing

Natural quality, plain and simple…

The number 1 destination for travellers looking for the best skiing with exceptional snow cover and snow grooming conditions, Les 3 Vallées boasts extraordinary natural qualities. High-altitude runs to delight skiers of all abilities, easily accessible summits, good orientation options throughout the day… all coupled with perfectly designed facilities: that’s the snow and ski guarantee that all snowsports lovers dream of!

Guaranteed snow and amazing skiing

That means almost half the runs are aimed at beginners and intermediates, with the other half dedicated to more experienced skiers! All abilities can sample the joys of wide-open spaces, unique panoramic views, a magical time with family and friends… quite simply, amazing skiing.

Especially in the knowledge that every night, 160 piste groomer drivers work in shifts (one team from 5pm to midnight, then a second from midnight to 7am) at the controls of 70 grooming vehicles dotted over the entire Les 3 Vallées ski area, to maintain the green, blue and red runs as a priority, as well as the connections to Les 3 Vallées. The black runs are not systematically groomed, much to the delight of all those who love fresh snow, walls and moguls!

The world’ largest ski area offers snowsports of every shape and size thanks to its 28 fun zones (themed runs, snowparks, beginners’ areas, etc.) and 10 tobogganing zones for rediscovering your inner child and treating yourself to unforgettable fits of laughter!

Exceptional skiing


Les 3 Vallées comprises 600 kilometres of ski runs (338 runs in total) accessible to all thanks to the following split:

17% green runs

39% blue runs

33% red runs

11% black runs

Guaranteed snow and altitude

At the heart of the Alps, Les 3 Vallées ski area boasts an exceptional geographic situation: from the lowest altitude runs at 1,300 metres, to the summit of Les 3 Vallées up at 3,230 metres, it guarantees high quality snow cover throughout the winter season.

With 85% of the ski area located above 1,800 metres, Les 3 Vallées has guaranteed for more than 20 years now that all of its resorts will open from the beginning of December (and even the end of November for Val Thorens, the highest resort in Europe at an altitude of 2,320 metres) until the end of April. 5 months of guaranteed skiing, 150 days of joy at the tips of your skis. It boasts 25 summits that are accessible via ski lift, 10 of which are positioned at altitudes of more than 2,500 metres.

Discover the ski guarantee in Les 3 Vallées

While the ski area’s elevated altitude allows for natural snow cover, snowmakers also play a key role. Around 2,300 snowmakers effectively cover more than a third of Les 3 Vallées ski area, using simply water and cold temperatures.

The sectors where you’ll find the most artificial snow are the beginners’ areas, for the easiest possible skiing: routes back to the resorts, for a hassle-free end to your ski day; as well as connections to Les 3 Vallées, all located at altitudes of more than 2,000 metres.

When you come to ski in Les 3 Vallées, you’re guaranteed to find quality snow and amazing skiing throughout your stay.

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    My bad weather ski day in Les 3 Vallées
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“Anytime” guarantee

The vast range of landscapes for skiers to gaze upon is also one of Les 3 Vallées’ natural qualities. Criss-crossing the world’s largest ski area, skiers will pass through high rocky summits, a world of glaciers, and through the hearts of authentic villages lower down the valley. Winding through thick fir and spruce forests one minute, then gliding over wide, sweeping, perfectly groomed boulevards, or taking a series of curves, one after the next. As well as meandering between the deciduous trees, where you can spot the silhouettes of skiers venturing their way through the wood. 

In a ski area of this scale, every turn, every ski lift, every valley… is a chance to be surprised by a new breathtaking landscape through which you can glide at your own pace.

Whatever the weather, skiers always find a little piece of paradise where they can let their skis do the talking: the forests and lower valley to find the best visibility on snowy or foggy days; the most legendary summits for spectacular views when the ski is bright blue; in Les 3 Vallées, you can always change where you ski to suit the weather!