The 10 legendary runs in Les 3 Vallées

The 10 legendary runs in Les 3 Vallées

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Découvrez les 10 pistes incontournables des 3 vallées

Welcome to the enchanting world of the 3 Vallées, where skiing becomes a truly exceptional experience from early December to late April. Our slopes offer an infinite playground, with varied profiles that challenge even the most experienced skiers. Get ready to experience unique sensations, glide over immaculate expanses and discover the 10 legendary runs for which the 3 Vallées is famous. So warm up your thighs, sharpen your lats, because an unforgettable adventure awaits you on our majestic mountains.

1. The Jerusalem, blue run at Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

The "Jerusalem" blue run is reputed to be the longest of its kind in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, stretching an impressive 3.59 kilometers.

Starting from the summit of Tougnète, at an altitude of 2,400 metres, it offers breathtaking panoramic views. The trail crosses the ridge between Méribel and the charming village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, offering spectacular scenery along the way.

You can explore secluded, rolling alpine meadows, gradually descending to the side of the Belleville valley. If you're looking for an experience where you'll feel "alone in the world" amid breathtaking panoramas, the legendary Jerusalem Blue Trail is the ideal itinerary.

To get there, take the St Martin Express detachable chairlift.

Jerusalem trail at Saint-martin-de-belleville in the 3 Valleys
On the Jerusalem trail at Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

2. The Eclipse, the black run at Courchevel le Praz

The Eclipse, formerly known as the Jockeys' piste, has been completely redeveloped to host the speed events of the World Ski Championships in 2023. Located at the start of the Col de la Loze, this run plunges through the majestic forest to Le Praz, offering a unique experience for daring skiers.

With its 3.3 kilometers of descent, the Eclipse is the longest black run in the 3 Vallées. With a vertical drop of 970 meters and an average gradient of 30%, it offers a route punctuated by tight turns and pronounced breaks, guaranteeing thrills for all ski enthusiasts.

Why go there? Because it's THE competition run par excellence. Imagine sliding at over 120 km/h, following in the footsteps of world-renowned athletes.

Access to this epic run is via the Plantrey or Bouc Blanc chairlifts, or the Chenus gondola, allowing you to enjoy this unforgettable experience to the full.

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3. The Fred Covili, red run in Les Menuires

Discover Les Menuires' longest red run: Fred Covili, 2.47 kilometers of pure pleasure. Immerse yourself in the spellbinding atmosphere of Combe de la Masse, the emotional epicenter of this resort.

When you reach the top of the Pointe de la Masse gondola, take a moment to explore the free lift museum on the intermediate level. Then enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the majestic Northern Alps and the wild valley of Les Encombres.

Next, take to the Fred Covili red run, named after the local French alpine ski champion and 2001 giant slalom bronze medallist. This winding, majestic run in the Combe de la Masse allows your most beautiful curves to express themselves with grace and power.

To get there, take the Pointe de la Masse gondola and let yourself be transported to this unforgettable experience.

Pointe de la Masse summit in Les Menuires in the 3 Valleys
Pointe de la Masse summit

4. La Combe du Vallon, the red run at Méribel Mottaret

La Combe Du Vallon, located in Méribel Mottaret, is a legendary slope not to be missed during your stay. With its 1,000-meter vertical drop, it offers an unforgettable experience, be it for its relief, its slope or its bewitching curves. What's more, its location at an altitude of 2,952 meters guarantees incomparable snow quality.

Stroll down this emblematic slope and soak up the magnificent view of the Tuéda plan, a nature reserve of breathtaking beauty.

And that's not all! On the sides of the piste, immediately accessible, small off-pistes await powder lovers, offering a richly varied skiing experience.

Access to Combe du Vallon is via the Mont Vallon gondola in Méribel-Mottaret, transporting you to an exceptional skiing adventure in the heart of the 3 Valleys.

Combe du Vallon slope at Méribel Mottaret in the 3 Valleys
Combe du Vallon slope

5. The Combe de Rosaël, black run in Orelle

The only black run in the Orelle area is a must for technical skiers. It starts from Cime Caron, where you prepare yourself for an unforgettable descent. Turning left, you're propelled into the neighboring Maurienne valley, a magical transition between the Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys.

With its 500-meter vertical drop over 2 kilometers, this descent is resolutely steep and demanding, offering a sizeable challenge to seasoned skiers. With its southern exposure, this run is ideal for early season or early morning skiing for optimum snow conditions, adding a touch of magic to your skiing experience.

But that's not all! La Combe de Rosaël offers breathtaking views of the majestic Meije, the peaks of the Écrins and the Aiguilles d'Arve, a breathtaking natural spectacle that will accompany you throughout your descent.

To access this jewel, board the Orelle-Caron gondola or the Cime Caron cable car, and let yourself be transported to an exceptional skiing adventure in the 3 Valleys.

Combe de Rosaël slope at Orelle in Les 3 Vallées
Combe de Rosaël slope

6. The M, black run in Courchevel

The "M" black run in Courchevel is an experience in its own right, reserved for technical skiers looking for a thrill. It starts from the top of the Vizelle gondola, following the shoulder to the right. At the junction between "La combe des pylônes" (a powder paradise for fans of authentic sensations!) and the "M", the adventure begins...

This challenging run is both long and steep, offering a real challenge for experienced skiers. The "M" reveals its full potential when freshly groomed, inviting skiers to challenge its demanding curves. Unless you prefer the challenge of moguls!

Majestically overlooking the Altiport, the "M" piste alone embodies the quintessence of "Grand Ski" in the 3 Vallées ski area.

To access this exceptional adventure, board the Suisses or Marmottes chairlifts, or opt for the comfort of the Vizelle gondola, propelling you towards an unforgettable experience in the heart of the summits.

The Vizelle gondola lift in Courchevel in Les 3 Vallées
Vizelle gondola lift in Courchevel

7. The Raffort, blue run in Méribel

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the Raffort blue run in Méribel, a captivating and rejuvenating experience. Imagine gliding through glades dotted with deciduous trees, offering a unique perspective far from the usual trails. This immersion in nature transports you to a world of tranquility and natural beauty, where you can ski in total serenity, far from the hustle and bustle.

This extraordinary trail also introduces you to the authentic charm of the village of Le Raffort. As you make your way down the slope, you pass the stone and wooden chalets that are typical of Méribel and bear witness to the region's traditional architecture.

In addition to its soothing atmosphere, La piste du Raffort offers spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding peaks, adding a magical dimension to your descent. Take time to soak up the natural beauty that surrounds you, offering you an unforgettable skiing experience.

Take the Raffort chairlift in Méribel to access this unique experience.

View of Méribel in the 3 Valleys
In the soft silence of the night at Méribel Mottaret...

8. The Roc de Fer, Méribel's blue run

At the top of the Olympic chairlift, perched at an altitude of 2,294 meters, you'll be overwhelmed by the breathtaking views. This is the starting point for a memorable descent on the Roc de Fer blue run, a legend among the 3 Vallées slopes.

Follow in the footsteps of French and international ski champions who have distinguished themselves on this legendary run. Remodeled for the World Ski Championships in 2023, the Roc de Fer now offers an even smoother sliding experience thanks to the construction of a tunnel, allowing you to enjoy an exceptional skiing adventure in a majestic setting.

Take the Olympic chairlift in Méribel to access this legendary descent.

    ALEXIS PINTURAULT, Champion - Courchevel - Alpine Skiing

    Les Marmottes in Courchevel, for its elevation difference, walls, and the views.

    CHLOÉ TRESPEUCH, Champion - Val Thorens - Snowboard Cross

    My favourite piste is the boardercrossslope! We are so lucky to have a World Cup-standard piste for training. It’s amazing. It is also adapted for tourists who can enjoy a fun experience with the family.

    RENAUD JAY, Champion - Les Menuires - Cross-Country

    Given my background, my favourite is the cross-country pistes at the Plan de l’Eau in Les Menuires where I first got into my discipline! But when alpine skiing, I always drop by the Fred Covilipiste.

    JEAN-FRED CHAPUIS, Champion - Val Thorens - Skicross

    La Haute Combe in Val Thorens for the natural variety of terrain and the superb view from the top. Then I take the La Loy piste down to Saint Martin. It’s magnificent.

    KEVIN GURI, Champion - Les Menuires - Freeride

    My favourite pistes are those with a bold natural character, such as the Jérusalem piste in Saint Martin. But in general, I use the slopes to get to the off-piste sections!

    LÉA LEMARE, Champion - Courchevel - Ski Jumping

    Without a second thought, Les Jockies, leading to Courchevel Le Prazfrom the top of the ski area. I love the feeling of being alone in the world, and when the piste is groomed it’s sensational. Huge fun guaranteed! It’s also the piste chosen for the 2023 World Championships, which says a lot!

    ADRIEN THÉAUX, Champion - Val Thorens - Alpine Skiing

    My favourite would be the La Cime Carron former red piste and the Poste du Plan de l’Eau. When you arrive first in the morning, the snow is just exceptional. There’s a good slope and undulating terrain – perfect for carving and working up some speed if you want!

    TIMOTHÉE THÉAUX, Champion - Ambassador 3 Vallées

    "My favourite pistes include: Petit Dou in Courchevel 1850, a high level piste with lots of terrain variation and very few people.Boismint followed by Plan de l’Eau in Val Thorens, to make a long piste with varied terrain. Dame Blanche on La Masse in Les Menuires, with steep slopes from top to bottom and consistent high-quality snow. Combe du Vallon in Méribel-Mottaret, for its length and view over the glaciers."

9. Les Chapelets red run in Courchevel-Moriond

The Les Chapelets red run in Courchevel-Moriond invites you to a unique getaway from the hustle and bustle of the main slopes. Bordering the Vallée des Avals, this run plunges you into a world of tranquility and serenity, where you can enjoy an exhilarating descent while admiring the breathtaking view of the Dent du Villard, the resort's landmark.

Culminating at an altitude of 2,250 meters, this run offers an authentic experience in the heart of Alpine nature, allowing you to recharge your batteries and reconnect with the very essence of skiing.

Board the Chapelets chairlift in Courchevel-Moriond to discover this unique getaway.

10. Tête Ronde, blue run in Val Thorens

In Val Thorens, the Tête Ronde blue run transports you to a world of gentle skiing pleasure. At the top of the Péclet Funitel, you'll be seduced by the exceptional panoramic view, adding a touch of magic to your skiing experience.

For lovers of beautiful curves, Tête Ronde is an ideal playground, offering a smooth and enjoyable descent. Take advantage of every turn to admire the breathtaking scenery around you, allowing you to experience moments of pure bliss on the Val Thorens slopes.

Take the Funitel from Péclet to Val Thorens to enjoy this enchanting descent.

Val Thorens resort in the 3 Valleys
Under the azure skies of Val Thorens