My bad weather ski day in Les 3 Vallées

My bad weather ski day in Les 3 Vallées

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Our tips for your bad weather ski day

In the mountains, it’s important to remember to “weather the weather, whatever the weather”! Weather conditions can change at any time... Whether it's raining, snowing, windy or foggy, in Les 3 Vallées there is ALWAYS a good spot to ski! Our "All Weather Guarantee" ensures you get the most out of your stay in the world's largest ski area.

The 10 good reasons to ski in Les 3 Vallées

TOP tip to remember:

In bad weather, we advise you to avoid going up to the higher slopes, staying in the forest and in the lower part of the valley instead. You will find easy and accessible slopes there, for enjoyable snowsports with the best possible visibility.

Weather Forecast in Les 3 Vallées


Where to find out about weather conditions and the opening times of the slopes and ski lifts of Les 3 Vallées in the event of bad weather.

Whether it's the skipass sales team, ski lift operators, ski patrollers... all Les 3 Vallées ski area employees are on hand to help and give you any information you require.

You will find information boards and screens showing all of the latest 3 Vallées ski area news and updates on the snow front of each resort, in the Tourist Offices and in the ski lift stations.

Finally, the 3 Vallées App provides you with live ski area opening times.

Les 3 Vallées App


Skiing through the forest lets you discover a new world where everything is softer and quieter. The snow falls delicately on the fir trees, and as no sound reaches you from the outside, it’s like being in a regenerative cocoon. The sound of your skis on the snow is the only sign of a human presence. The uncrowded slopes give you the feeling of being alone in the world, in a dreamlike setting that never fails to amaze.

In Courchevel

Two areas offer top quality skiing in bad weather: from the Col de la Loze, the new Eclipse run (on which the Courchevel-Méribel 2023 World Championships will be held) winds through the forest to the village of Courchevel-Le Praz, with stunning views on the way down. On the Courchevel-La Tania side, the blue Folyères run takes you to the heart of a beautiful setting; with its long and wide run bordered on all sides by fir trees, it’s as if a white carpet has been rolled out just for you!

In Méribel

One of the most beautiful forest itineraries leads you to Méribel Village via a succession of blue runs, each one prettier than the last. Skiing in these romantic settings, that give off a particular energy created by bad weather, brings with it a childlike joy. It might be raining, or snowing, maybe even a little foggy... yet a bright smile lights up the faces of the skiers who have dared to brave the weather and venture out onto the slopes of Les 3 Vallées. On your way back, why not continue your adventure by discovering forest skiing over by the Altiport.

In the Belleville valley

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville is the place to go in the event of bad weather. The lowest resort in the valley in terms of altitude, it offers everything you need to ski with peace of mind, despite the weather. Accessible to everyone, its gentle slopes lead to the heart of the hamlet where you might like to treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate...


For skiing safely in foggy conditions:

Look out for the orange poles: they indicate the righthand edge of the slope in the downhill direction. That way, you always know which way to go.

The round signs, whose colour tells you the level of the run you are skiing on, are numbered. They go in descending order from the top of the slope, so the closer you get to 1, the nearer you are to the bottom!

You should always be well equipped in the mountains, but in some conditions, it is especially vital: when it is foggy, it is particularly important to wear damp-proof clothing and anti-fog goggles.

Welcoming atmosphere of relaxation and well-being

There might well come a moment when you start to feel the cold, when the desire to go back in the warm becomes more pressing than that of continuing to explore the slopes of the world’s largest ski area...

If so, it is undoubtedly time to take advantage of Les 3 Vallées’ spas and aquafun areas, to recover from your day in a welcoming atmosphere of relaxation and well-being!

Spa activities and aquafun areas

A relaxation moment in Les 3 Vallées