Unique adventures

Unique adventures

Small tingles and big thrills, unexpected adventures, new experiences... try all the unusual activities in Les 3 Vallées! Because thrills are not only reserved for skiers and boarders, spice up your stay in the largest ski area in the world by leaving your comfort zone. Dare to be extraordinary!

More adrenalin

For all those who wish to take advantage of the 3 Vallées ski area in a different way, while sharing unforgettable moments, another approach to the mountain is possible, far from the beaten track... Get a taste of great skiing by being the first to ski down the freshly groomed slopes or close the slopes by descending at night, by torchlight. Immerse yourself in the world of slalom during a spectacular run. Leave your skis behind and try your hand at fat biking or scootering on snow. Explore the bottom of a frozen lake with an ice dive. Or take to the skies on a mega zip line, hang gliding, paragliding, helicopter or parachute jump... Unique adventures are yours!

Time to think

Because it is also when you slow-down that the great natural spaces of this infinite white paradise reveal all their flavour, take time for reflection during some unusual activities. Start the day with breakfast at 3000 metres, facing the legendary peaks as the sun reveals them. Enjoy a dog sled ride amongst the pines. Wander through a village of igloos and ice sculptures. Gain a new perspective on the panorama around you by learning to fly a drone. Or finish the day in style by climbing aboard a snow groomer, either as a spectator or a learner driver. Every moment in Les 3 Vallées can be magical!

Share and live

Four seasons,
Infinite Mountain Experiences

Visiting Les 3 Vallées at various times of the year gives you the feeling of being somewhere different, yet familiar at the same time. The same summits, whether they’re snow-capped or lush green, offer very distinct characteristics and experiences, whilst the light and temperature make for ever-changing atmospheres and surroundings.

Les 3 Vallées


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