Ski guarantee in les 3 Vallées

Be zen and take the height...

LES 3 VALLÉES GUARANTEE YOU THE LARGEST NUMBER OF OPEN CONNECTED RUNS IN EUROPE FOR THE WHOLE SEASON*. Thanks to the nature of the domain and the numerous placement of snow canons (2 741 snow canons covering more than 54% of the ski area), Les 3 Vallées ski area is able to guarantee snow cover on its ski area which is also maintained by 72 grooming machines each night.


Les 3 Vallées pistes are situated between 1100m and 3230m of altitude and 85% of the skiable area is above 1800m. The capacity of snowmaking as well as the high altitude and topography of the whole ski area and the connexions between the valleys (Always above 2000 m of altitude) guarantee snow throughout the winter.

How it works ?

If one European ski area offers more open connected runs, Les 3 Vallées undertake to refund any un-used days during the validity of your skipass.

This guarantee applies for every day of Les 3 Vallées season. It applies to 3 Vallées passes of 6 days and over (Except season passes, 3 Vallées Liberté & Pedestrians passes) bought on the internet or as an all-inclusive package at resort booking centres, as well passes bought through accommodation providers or tour operators offering this ski pass through their brochure or website.

If a single European ski area offers a larger number of open connected runs, Les 3 Vallées undertake to refund you, in the form of a credit note, for any days not used during the duration of the validity of your ski pass. Repayment can be done only for the days not used during which another European ski area could claim a number of linked pistes open over and above Les 3 Vallées area.

Evidence of more open connected runs must also be verifiable and produced by the customer.

Only runs closed due to lack of snow will be taken into account: Closures due to bad weather, technical failures, or for security reasons (triggering of avalanches, glacial crevasses…) cannot be invoked for using the guarantee. A run is considered as a connected one when it communicates directly or via a lift with another run, forming a connected whole.

A day is considered to be used if one lift has been taken. This data is checked from your Skipass.

Please return your pass as well as proof of purchase and proof of an another European resort with a larger number of open connected runs within 2 months after the end of your stay to your lift operator ticket office or by mail to l’Association Les 3 Vallées – 378 avenue des Bellevillle – 73600 MOÛTIERS TARENTAISE – FRANCE.

We will refund the unused days within four months of receiving the documents. The refund will be a credit note whose value will correspond to the prorata of unused days. The credit shall be valid for the current season and the next.