Velvety ski slopes

Velvety ski slopes

600 km of interconnected ski runs: 

On the 339 slopes of the ski area:

17% are green,

39% are blue,

33% are red,

11%  are black

That is to say practically half of easy slopes and half of expert slopes.
The world’s largest ski area is as well designed for beginners and children as for experienced skiers!
Everyone can also enjoy the fun 28 zones and 10 toboggan runs

Exceptional grooming quality

A total of 70 grooming machines are spread over all of the 3 Valleys, making a total of 160 groomers since they take turns during the night: a 1st team intervenes from 5 p.m. to midnight and the 2nd from midnight to 7 a.m. in the morning.
The slopes are maintained every night, in priority the green, blue and red slopes, and the 3 Valleys connections; black runs are not always to the delight of lovers of bumpy walls!

Mythical slopes

Ski guarantee

The 3 Valleys (Les 3 Vallées) is committed to offering the best skiing conditions in Europe: minimum skiable altitude of 1,300 metres, maximum of 3,230 metres, 85% of the ski area over 1,800 metres, 25 accessible summits including 10 over 2,500 metres and over 2,300 artificial snowmakers, covering 50% of the ski area.
At such a high altitude, the likelihood of enjoying the best possible snowcover is much higher in comparison with other ski areas: The 3 Valleys (Les 3 Vallées) means the guarantee of abundant, fresh snow throughout the season! The world’s largest ski area also boasts the best slope maintenance.

News of the ski area for 2020/21 

A challenge for champions 

A new black run “L’Eclipse” sees the light of day this winter, future setting of the 2023 Alpine Skiing World Championships. Do you dare tackle it?
With a length of 3.3km and a 970m drop, it offers adventurous skiing on one of the longest runs in the ski area. Set in the heart of the forest, it offers a bird’s-eye view over the traditional village of Courchevel Le Praz, the Olympic ski jumps and l’Alpinium.
What is it like? It’s challenging and technical because of its transitions from light to shade – it’s a whole new concept!
Sharpen your skis and your wits and discover this soon-to-be-legendary run!

Roc de Fer tunnel

Méribel aims to take advantage of hosting the 2023 Alpine Skiing World Championships by carrying out improvements that will benefit everyone in the future. One such success is the Roc de Fer tunnel, which will allow you to fully enjoy the ski area even when major competitions are being held! It’s a big improvement on the former narrow tunnel: it’s 50m long, 8.50m wide and 5m high. Thanks to this new structure, throughout the season competitors will have sole use of an internationally renowned piste, while all other skiers can easily enjoy the splendid Roc de Fer sector with its legendary runs and fabulous views over the valley.

Footbridge at le Raffort hamlet

Following on from the major developments to enhance the Roc de Fer and Cherferie sectors over the past 3 years, we welcome a new footbridge which will greet skiers arriving at le Raffort hamlet in Méribel! It will be safer and easier to use for skiers arriving on the “Raffort” piste, local residents and skiers returning to Brides- les-Bains. What a pleasure not to have to descend and climb lots of steps to reach the Olympe gondola, which is now directly accessible from the slopes! It’s yet another reason to explore this sector and rediscover its 2 new red slopes, Daguet and Gypaète, which proved a big hit last year.

Vertical Xperience, The 3 Valleys' (Les 3 Vallées) steepest runs

Are you ready to tackle the two steepest black runs in les 3 Vallées, with an average gradient of 33° and the steepest section at 38.6°? If the prospect doesn’t make you white with fear, make your way to the top of the legendary Saulire and try out the Grand Couloir and Couloir Tournier runs – thrills are guaranteed!

Freeride Lab takes the freeride experience even further

Courchevel’s secure freeride area continues to grow, to the delight of off-piste fans: a new Avalanche Transceiver Park has been created at the foot of the two secure, ungroomed Freeride Lab runs. After a 15-minute climb to the summit, a photo session in front of the wood sculpture and a magical descent in powder, you can then practise searching for avalanche victims. Using your own equipment, you can search for transmitters buried in the snow: you choose the number of victims to look for and the time limit. Your safety is our priority and training can save lives, so use this zone as often as you like!

Beautifully decorated photo frames!

Make sure you look out for the giant photo frames scattered over les 3 Vallées’ summits – they’re a must on your ski holiday. This year, 6 of the 12 frames have been decorated by illustrator Lauriane Miara: discover her characteristic style of pure curves and Alpine themes. Why not take photos at all 6 different frames and share them with us on social media? We love to see just how creative you can be!

The Animal Trail gets a makeover

One of the gems of Méribel’s Altiport sector is the Animal Trail, an easy and enjoyable meander through the heart of a protected forest. After years of loyal service, the trail is getting a fresh new look, but with the same aim of delighting children. This green slope is fun and educational, transforming young skiers into explorers in search of les 3 Vallées’ animals. Use all 5 senses to recognize ibex, chamois and marmots by their footprints, calls or fur. The Animal Trail is also accessible on foot via a walking path that runs alongside it – it’s the perfect place for family time together!

The Friendly Natural Park has been enhanced for its 2nd season

La Masse in les Menuires is a must-see nature area. It now offers a unique place to visit, the Friendly Natural Park, created in partnership with the Vanoise National Park. Every day, you can enjoy family challenges and learn about local wildlife. Did you know that a marmot eats more than 100kg of food before winter?! Fun facts such as this are found along the bends of this trail which children are sure to love. The area’s theme is the animals living in the Vanoise National Park. Black grouse, golden eagles, rock ptarmigans and, of course, the famous whistling marmot await you on this trail filled with challenges including a parallel slalom, obstacles on the run and a frog tunnel… After your exertions on the slopes, you can enjoy learning about the lives of these animals on the Friendly Natural Park terrace. This fun trail in an exceptional setting is accessible and entertaining to young and old alike!