Ski touring : 5 ideas made in Les 3 Vallées

Ski touring : 5 ideas made in Les 3 Vallées

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Ski touring: our 5 itineraries made in Les 3 Vallées

Dive into the exhilarating adventure of ski touring and off-piste skiing, where every turn becomes an epic in the majestic 3 Vallées. For a completely safe experience, let our mountain experts - ESF instructors and mountain guides - guide you through the most enchanting terrain.

Make sure you have the right equipment for this unforgettable adventure. Your rucksack should be loaded with the essentials, and our experienced guides will make sure you have everything you need for your safety. Let yourself be transported by the magic of the snowy peaks, with complete peace of mind.

Freeriding checklist

Ski instructor and Les 3 Vallées ambassador, Timy Théaux specialises in freeride and freerando. He's giving us his "equipment checklist" for an off-piste session.


Wide skis adapted to powder snow skiing

Poles with wide baskets to help you push properly against deep snow

Ski helmet

Ski goggles

Neck warmer

AVD, Avalanche Victim Detector charged up and with you (must-have items for going off-pistes)

Waterproof, breathable ski clothing



Shovel & probe (must-have items for going off-pistes)

Fully charged mobile phone

Survival blanket

Area map & Piste map

Water &  Snacks (cereal bar, dried fruits...)

Spare pair of gloves

Sun cream

Sticky tape, string, Swiss army knife

Infinite Freeride Experiences

Infinite Freeride Experiences


Explore the wonders of Courchevel on itineraries that defy the laws of gravity and awaken your senses to the beauty of snow-covered peaks.

Courchevel Le Praz > Courchevel 1850: La Millet Ski Touring

Immerse yourself in a wild universe, enveloped in the magic of the forest, far from the beaten track. The groomed trail, around 2 metres wide, invites you to an extraordinary adventure. A red level, it offers a challenge worthy of ski touring enthusiasts. Departure is from the forest chairlift, while arrival awaits you at the Front de neige de 1850. With a positive vertical drop of 500 meters over a distance of 3.2 km, this experience takes you to unforgettable summits.

Courchevel 1850 > Col de la Loze: La Plum KV

Take on one challenge after another and let yourself be carried away by the pure emotion of the Plum KV. Once again, plunge into the wildness of the forest, far from the beaten track. This trail, groomed to a width of around 2 meters, offers a red level, ideal for thrill-seekers. The start is next to the Plantrey chairlift, and the finish awaits you at the summit of the Col de la Loze. With a positive altitude difference of 500 meters over a distance of 2.5 km, this adventure will push you to your limits.

Note: The two courses, Millet Ski Touring and Plum KV, intertwine to form an ultimate challenge of 1,000 meters of vertical drop and 5.7 km of pure bliss. Try it out when you're ready for this exceptional challenge. Let yourself be transported by the adrenalin and the beauty of snow-covered peaks, for an unforgettable experience in the 3 Valleys.

Ski touring with friends in the 3 Valleys
In the morning, with friends!


Plunge into the heart of an icy atmosphere, between majestic seracs and wild landscapes, on the largest glacier in Les 3 Vallées to explore on skis! For a completely safe experience, choose to be accompanied by a mountain guide.

Your adventure begins with an epic journey to Val Thorens aboard the lifts. Once you've reached the Moraine gondola stop, this is where the adventure really begins. It's time to put on your skins and let yourself be carried away by the excitement of the unknown.

Make your way across the icy expanse to the Col de Gébroulaz, where the peaks seem to touch the sky. The descent that follows takes you to the magnificent Lac de Tueda, offering breathtaking views of the Glacier du Borgne, if you choose this exhilarating variant.

You also have the option of descending to the village of Pralognan, a unique experience that plunges you into the heart of the valley. And to round off this epic adventure, a cab ride back to civilization awaits you, leaving you with lasting memories of this grandiose, untamed nature.

Embark on an experience that defies the boundaries of the possible and let yourself be swept away by the magic of the Glacier de Gébroulaz, a glacial jewel in the heart of Les 3 Vallées.

ski touring with friends in the 3 Valleys


Dive into the heart of the adventure with the two new ski touring trails, a captivating collaboration with Salomon, offering an unrivalled experience: Petite Sud and Grande Sud. These two enchanting stretches opened in early January 2024, to the delight of mountain lovers.

It's essential to note that, like traditional ski runs, these routes are accessible and safe only during lift opening hours. Outside these hours, grooming operations and avalanche releases may be carried out to ensure your safety.


The 1.8-kilometer Petite Sud trail begins in the Balcons district, near the prestigious Les Balcons Platinium residence in Val Thorens. You climb in altitude from 2230 meters to 2395 meters, with a positive vertical drop of 65 meters. This progressive trail offers total immersion in the natural beauty of the French Alps.


Embark on a :

2.03-kilometer journey on the Grande Sud

starting from the picnic area of the red Chardons trail

and reaching a maximum altitude of 2738 meters from 2395 meters

with a positive vertical drop of 343 meters

 This ascent takes you to vertiginous peaks, offering breathtaking views of Alpine panoramas.

The combined Petite Sud + Grande Sud itinerary invites you to an unparalleled adventure through the majestic heights of Val Thorens. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the mountains, where every turn is a new discovery and every summit a victory to savor.

Embrace the splendor of the peaks with the new ski touring trails in Val Thorens, an experience that will remain etched in your memories for years to come.

Ski touring with friends in the 3 Valleys


Immerse yourself in the breathtaking nature of Les 3 Vallées on the Bruyères trail, a shared route between snowshoeing and ski touring.

With its 1.5 km of pure enchantment, this red trail transports you into a world of Alpine splendor.

Defy the heights with a 300-meter positive vertical drop

Discovering breathtaking panoramas with every step

Allow around 1 hour and 30 minutes to fully savor this unforgettable experience

Your adventure begins in Reberty 1850, from the Maison de Savoy, where the peaks beckon you to explore. Following the trail on the left-hand side, you'll reach the summit of Bruyères 1, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The descent, via the Bruyères blue run, offers moments of gliding and freedom, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the magic of the mountains.

Discover the raw beauty of the French Alps as you explore the Bruyères trail. Every bend holds a new surprise, transporting you ever higher in the spirit of Les3 Vallées.

Did we say five?
Discover two new itineraries for even more discovery and pleasure!


Plunge into the heart of adventure with the ROC trail, a new 2 km itinerary of pure pleasure and 370 meters of vertical drop. From the majestic summit of the Chalets gondola, let yourself be enchanted by this signposted ascent, offering an easy and safe ascent to the charming Cabane du Lac.

The itinerary guides you through magnificent scenery, inviting you to follow an easy ascent trail, ideal for ski tourers in search of wonder. Each step brings you a little closer to the majestic Cabane du Lac, where you can enjoy a well-earned break and breathtaking panoramic views.

Let yourself be intoxicated by the purity of the Alpine air, while the silence of the mountains envelops you in a cocoon of tranquility. Contemplate the immensity of the peaks that stretch as far as the eye can see, transporting you into a world where time seems suspended.

Catch your breath, recharge your energy and let yourself be enchanted by the spirit of discovery that reigns here. The ROC trail at Méribel Mottaret promises an unforgettable experience, where every moment is an invitation to explore the hidden treasures of the 3 Valleys.

Ski touring with friends in the 3 Valleys


Let yourself be enchanted by the enchanting atmosphere of the Géné'piste, a ski touring trail through the majestic forests of Moriond. This 2.8 km red trail offers a thrilling experience for mountain enthusiasts in search of new thrills.

Your adventure begins next to the Granges ski lift, where excitement builds as you prepare to conquer the peaks. Take to the snow-covered trails, determinedly climbing the 528 meters of positive vertical drop that will lead you to breathtaking panoramas.

The arrival point, next to the top of the Signal chairlift, marks the high point of your journey, where the panoramic views take your breath away.

Soak up the vibrant mountain atmosphere as you soak up the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Géné'piste offers novices a unique opportunity to discover ski touring in complete safety, in the Courchevel Moriond area. Join the Snowleader team for a host of friendly, gourmet events, where you can test your mettle against the times set by the Rebloch'team ambassadors.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the snow-covered landscapes of Courchevel Moriond, where every turn takes you a little further into the spirit of the mountains. Géné'piste promises unforgettable memories and moments of pure magic in the 3 Vallées.

Every winter season, the 3 Vallées ski area offers you more and more innovations:

For your comfort,

To meet everyone's needs,

To guarantee your safety,

To continue to amaze you!

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