Ski touring

Ski touring

Ski touring in Les 3 Vallées: explore virgin terrain

In the muffled silence of the snow-covered slopes, you are gradually making you way up the mountain at your own pace, discovering the wild beauty of the untouched surroundings as you ascend... Your reward at the end is one of the unique panoramas offered by Les 3 Vallées.

Ski touring is becoming increasingly popular: it’s the best way to fill your lungs with pure mountain air, reach new viewpoints and enjoy incredible natural surroundings.

Infinite Freeride Experiences

Infinite Freeride Experiences

Ski touring, both a challenge and a chance to recharge your batteries!

Les 3 Vallées provides trails reserved for ski tourers so you can discover the largest ski area in the world in another way and experience a different form of skiing. Far from the crowds, this is a wonderful way to get back to nature. If you choose to make use of the lifts in addition to your own efforts, ski touring can be way of relaxing. Or if you choose to yomp up the mountain at speed, it becomes a real challenge. At the end of your ascent, you can choose to finish your day among the summits by returning off-piste, on the ski runs or via the ski lifts.

Security on the 3 Vallées slopes

Essential safety precautions

Before heading off on your skis, make sure you observe a few simple precautions to ensure maximum safety. Check the 3 Vallées weather report, the openings status of the routes and ski lifts and the avalanche risk, in order to choose the most suitable touring route.

For any outing, you must be equipped with an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe so you can deal with any eventuality. This way, you can explore virgin territory with peace of mind.

Unrivalled experience and knowledge

Esf instructors: your guides to the best spots

Ski touring in Les 3 Vallées with a ski instructor for security
Through their daily work, these ski professionals have an unrivalled experience and knowledge of the slopes and the ski area. When you are accompanied by an ESF (French Ski School) ski touring specialist, you can experience something exceptional. Your instructor will take you via secret routes to reach places you never knew existed.

Beginners can learn the basics of how to put on skins, walk uphill on skis, make conversion turns, and use an avalanche transceiver. More experienced tourers can go off the beaten track on an adventure far from the marked ski runs, with an instructor to ensure complete safety.

Having booked your lesson or outing in advance, on the day itself, you can relax and enjoy complete confidence in your guide.
Contact the 3 Vallées ski schools
Ski touring in Les 3 Vallées with a ski instructor for security

An easy plan

Les 3 Vallées has created a whole range of skipasses to meet every need: you can ski on your own or with a group or family, for one day, a weekend, a week’s holiday or for the entire season.

Buy your skipass online before you arrive to gain time: buy your 3 Vallées skipass online to be the first on slopes, easy and comfortable. Less wait, more ski!

Buy your skipass online

To enjoy this exceptional itinerary and the entirety of Les 3 Vallées ski area in the best possible conditions.


Knowing the snow conditions and weather forecast for the next 3 days in the seven 3 Vallées resorts is a real help when organising an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the largest ski area in the world.

Weather Forecast


Here you will find all the webcams in Les 3 Vallées ski area. These cameras are situated at strategic points in each of the resorts and provide a mine of useful information so you can prepare and make the most of your ski outings!



Each day, you can check what Les 3 Vallées has to offer you by viewing live information on the opening conditions and the times and state of the lifts, ski runs and links.

Ski run & lift openings

To prepare for your off-piste skiing day, consult the Avalanche Risk Estimate Bulletin. These information are essential in order to evaluate your off-piste outing. If you decide to do off-piste, think about to be accompanied by a mountain professional.

Avalanche Risk Estimate Bulletin

Check Les 3 Vallées app for access to live info when you’re on the ski area (ski run and ski lift opening times, opening times for links between Les 3 Vallées, weather forecasts…)

App 3 Vallées

Ski touring in Les 3 Vallées

An unrivalled range of itineraries

The 3 Valleys offer a wide range of itineraries for enjoying these wide-open spaces and admiring the breathtaking panoramas while ski touring. Be sure to check each winter season, as the itineraries can change considerably, and everyone can choose their own ascent route according to their level. For example, the Grande Sud in Val Thorens is 2.03km long and has 343m D+, the Millet Ski Touring is 3.2km long and has 500m D+, and the Plum KV is 5km long and has 1,000D+ from Courchevel-Le Praz to Courchevel at an altitude of 2,300m.

Les 3 Vallées : an XXL off-piste area

In some resorts, you can also use the summer trails, but note these are not marked or maintained during the winter season.

Experienced skiers in search of thrills will find happiness in the great off-piste sectors of the 3 Vallées such as Les Creux Noirs, Le Rocher de la Loze or La Dent de Burgin in the Courchevel valley, Le Mont Vallon, Le Col du Fruit or La Grande Rosière in the Méribel valley and Les Encombres, Géfriand or Le Lac du Lou in the Vallée des Belleville.

Ski touring in Les 3 Vallées

The joy of gliding in all its forms

Les 3 Vallées offers you a variety of snowsports which perfectly complement Alpine skiing. There is something to keep you busy every minute of the day!

An afternoon of laughter hurtling down snowy slopes at high speed on a sledge appeals to all families. Amazingly, you can also enjoy sledding in the middle of summer on the Speed Mountain sled-on-rails in Les Menuires.

Snowshoeing doesn’t require any training or any particular degree of fitness. These gentle nature walks are within everyone's reach, and they are an opportunity to share convivial moments with friends in a majestic setting.

Biathlon is also a fun but more demanding activity to try, combining the physical effort of cross-country skiing with the calm and concentration of shooting. Why not choose some new activities to make your next summer or winter holiday totally unforgettable?