Benefits of the mountain simply

Benefits of the mountain simply

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  • A wellness destination

discover the many Benefits of the mountain quite naturally

Less pollution, fewer allergens, all studies are formal: the air of our mountains is overall healthier. And that’s not all…
An encounter with Dr. Frederic Arnaud, mountain doctor at Val Thorens Medical Centre.

1. A de-stressing environment

The views and the privileged setting offered by the mountain lifestyle make it a place to combat stress par excellence. We contemplate, we take our time, in short, we relax and our body, usually so under pressure, is grateful.

2. A breath of fresh air

Going to the mountains means offering yourself fresh and pure air with energising properties. The higher you climb, the scarcer oxygen becomes. We are out of breath, our heart beats faster. In order to produce more red blood cells, EPO is released. This is the famous doping hormone!

A breath of fresh air in Les 3 Vallées

3. Full of vitamin D

The mountainous regions are often very sunny. The mountain sun comes to heal our winter blues and replenishes our lack of vitamin D!

4. Stop dust mites

Dust mites, which are responsible for allergies and respiratory problems, are much more abundant in cities. It is estimated that at 1000 metres of altitude, their numbers fall by 50%, while above 1500 metres they have almost entirely disappeared.

5. Getting active is inevitable...

Holidays in the mountains are sports holidays. In winter, we put on our snowshoes. In summer, we hike. In short, the body works and works well. After a few days of sport, you will have increased your physical capacities. In short, go for it, abusing the mountain is good for your health!