3 calming experiences in Les 3 Vallées

3 calming experiences in Les 3 Vallées

  • Half day
  • Winter
  • Adults
  • For all
  • A wellness destination

Being in touch with your emotions

Being on holiday gives you chance to take your time. Take a little time for yourself, to get in touch with your emotions, your body and nature.

A sylvotherapy session

Being on holiday also gives you time to reconnect with nature, and Sabrina’s sylvotherapy sessions help you do just that. Stemming from yoga and meditation, it uses the energy and positive waves emitted by trees. This walk through the forest is just what the doctor ordered to fight stress and boost your energy levels.

Where can you do it?

In Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, in March and April.

Tel: +33 (0)4 79 00 20 00

"Being close to and in contact with trees can contribute to our psycho-psychic well-being thanks to the energy our bodies receive from these plants."

Catch your breath and admire the view!

With your feet warm and dry inside your snow boots, head off for a walk outside. Far from the ski lifts, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the beauty of the snowy landscapes. Catch your breath, get a good dose of fresh mountain air and take the time to fix your gaze on the mountain ridge in front of you. Our favourite spots for a total change of scenery, like something out of the film ‘Into the Wild’, are Lac de la Rosière in Courchevel Moriond or the Tueda Nature Reserve in Méribel Mottaret. For something a little more challenging, put your snowshoes on.

Where can you do it?

All over the footpaths in Les 3 Vallées

A ski touring and Qi gong session

Caroline Vincent is both a ski instructor and a practitioner of Chinese medecine. She runs half day ski touring and Qi gong sessions in Val Thorens. It’s an original activity to say the least, with ski touring being quite a physical sport. Caroline’s approach is almost meditative, based on breathing and contemplation with lots of breaks factored in, on the way up the mountain and at the end of the session, to do Qi gong exercises and improve your inner calm.

Where can you do it?

In Val Thorens

Tel: +33 (0)6 74 50 78 66



Hitting the slopes for 7 days in a row when you haven’t skied for over a year is no mean feat. The esf French Ski School in Courchevel Village gives their customers the opportunity to make the most of a free fitness program called Shapen, a coaching video that helps skiers and snowboarders carry out muscle strengthening exercises to suit their level (beginner, advanced and expert). If you’re in good shape when you arrive, you’ll really be able to make the most of your holiday in the mountains.

Shapen program

Recharge your batteries

and relaxation

Escape to a place of peace and quiet made just for you. Up close and personal with nature and wide-open spaces, fill your lungs with pure mountain air, let a sense of well-being and relaxation take over. Skiing, hiking, yoga, spa treatments, the healing powers of the trees... nurture yourself in Les 3 Vallées.