Tribu Pass

Tribu Pass

€315.00 / person

For 6 days from the 18th December

  • From 6 to 21 days
  • 3 persons and more

Tribu pass: freedom with your friends!

A ski holiday with your friends, your siblings or even your cousins – any reason is a good reason to enjoy the world’s largest ski area with a group! The Tribu Pass will take you all on a memorable holiday together.

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The ideal pass for groups

How does a Tribu Pass work?

Thanks to your 3 Vallées Tribu Pass enjoy a picnic with a view on the slopes of Les 3 Vallées ski area.
Le Signal, Courchevel
The Tribu Pass is the ideal pass for groups of three or more skiers planning between 6 and 21 days of fun in Les 3 Vallées ski area.

For this pass, you must buy together in one payment and choose the same duration. As a bonus, each person will receive a 15€ discount on the adult individual pass of the same duration, for example, you’ll pay 315€ instead of 330€ per person for 6 days. The only hard part will be finding holiday dates that suit all the members of your group!
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Thanks to your 3 Vallées Tribu Pass enjoy a picnic with a view on the slopes of Les 3 Vallées ski area.
Le Signal, Courchevel

Les 3 Vallées in a few clicks

Because organising a group holiday can be time-consuming, Les 3 Vallées make life easier for you by allowing you to buy your Tribu Pass online. In this way, all the time you have to spend in Les 3 Vallées ski area can enjoyed on the slopes, enjoying run after run, feasting your eyes on the scenery and creating wonderful memories together.

Buy your 3 Vallées skipass online and access directly to the slopes to enjoy a picnic on the largest ski area in the world.

If this is your first purchase and you don’t already have a rechargeable card, make sure you order your skipass a few days in advance. It can be delivered free to your home in France or abroad, or you can pick it up in the resort. If you already have a rechargeable pass card, simply go online to recharge it with a few clicks. Nowadays, you no longer need to take your entire group to the lift office; everything can now be done online!

Your charged pass, kept in the left pocket of your ski jacket or trousers, will be read hands-free at each ski lift. If you have to change your plans, your pass can be cancelled, reimbursed or exchanged for free up to your first ski day. It’s freedom on skis!

45 €

45€ economy minimum for the Tribu Pass

Starting from 6 days
Same ski area, same duration: one payment!

Get together in Les 3 Vallées

With a 3 Vallées Pass Tribu, every member of your happy band of skiers will find just what they are looking for! Everyone will experience the thrills they seek, from complete novices to the most experienced skiers.

Thanks to your 3 Vallées Tribu Pass you can go skiing with your friends on the largest ski area in the world. Visit Courchevel, Méribel, Brides-les-Bains, Les Menuires, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Val Thorens et Orelle.

50% of the pistes are green and blue and 50% are red and black, the perfect balance for all levels of skiers…and all tastes! Seven ski resorts are available to you, with the freedom to move from one to the next without ever having to take your skis off.

Choosing to ski in Les 3 Vallées is also a guarantee of optimum snow cover, whichever dates your group picks between December and April. Over 80% of the ski area is situated above 1,800m altitude, making this is an exceptional natural setting for skiing throughout the season.

Modern, state-of-the-art lifts, fun zones, Michelin-starred restaurants... In Les 3 Vallées, everything is set up so you can spend the easiest and most comfortable friends’ ski holiday ever!

Ski passes for a week or longer

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Skiers of all abilities intending to come for between 6 and 21 days can choose a custom-made skipass to create the perfect holiday.

On the 3 Vallées slopes with your friends thanks to your 3 Vallées Tribu Pass.
Le Signal, Courchevel


Discover 10 tips from Adrien Théaux, member of the French Speed Skiing team from Val Thorens, on how to prepare for Alpine activities.

1. Ease back:
At least a few weeks before you go skiing, stop using lifts and the underground… make your legs your mode of transport. A bit of cycling or running will also help to improve your muscular and cardio fitness.

2. A healthy lifestyle:
A good sleeping pattern, combined with healthy, balanced food will be the perfect accompaniment to your little fitness purge.

3. Check your equipment:
Check your equipment, especially the state of your ski edges: it’s impossible to carve a turn if your skis aren’t sharp! Well-prepared and maintained skis, comfortable boots, a working helmet, a mask with protective lenses, the right- sized ski poles.

4. Spend some time studying the piste map:
That way, when you arrive, you won’t have to keep getting it out to check! to have a quick look at the piste map before your holiday. It will stop you having to get off and look at every ski lift!

5. In the morning:
Before you go out, pack your rucksack with water, snacks, an extra layer for warmth and a spare pair of gloves… just in case.

6. That reminds me:
Check the weather forecast, so you can adjust your equipment to suit the conditions.

7. Skiing is a sport for early birds:
Fresh snow and freshly groomed slopes… The slopes are at their best in the early morning, so you know what you’ll have to do if you want a piece of that.

8. Before you set off on your first run,
At the top of the slopes, admire the landscape and warm up at the same time: neck, legs, shoulders, arms and wrists! Especially for the thighs: 3 repetitions of 10 squats, separated by a minute and a half recovery time.

9. Don’t rush
Start off with one or two easy to medium runs at a gentle speed before attempting the steeper slopes.

10. Remember that fatigue generally
After lunch and towards the end of the day are the key times where attention can start to drift. Slow your pace and, in the evening, remember to stay hydrated and to stretch!