Out on the trails...

You might not be an experienced hiker but perhaps you dream of pure air, of nature, of impressive peaks and unique landscapes?

On the walking routes of Les 3 Vallées, in the heart of the Alps and the Vanoise National Park, wide open spaces are easily accessible to all!

The vastness of Les 3 Vallées guarantees you’ll find the exact mountain hike to suit your needs and requirements, whatever your level of hiking.

Recharge batteries

The freedom of walking

Hiking itineraries for family holidays in Les 3 Vallées
Each of the valleys is rich in history and heritage, which can be explored on foot, by strolling through the authentic villages and hamlets established well before the introduction of the resorts. Original constructions, baroque buildings, restored bread ovens... take time to contemplate these marvels during walks that are easy to do with all the family.

From the spruce forests or the Arolla pines, to those more scattered with deciduous trees, it feels good to stroll in the shade of the trees, basking in an invigorating freshness. Many wide and well-maintained trails, some of which are even suitable for pushchairs, will become your favourite places to recharge your batteries!
Hiking itineraries for family holidays in Les 3 Vallées


Lac des Fées in Méribel in the heart of the 3 Valleys
Lac des Fées, Méribel

The vital element, water, dispenses all its strength in the mountainous waterfalls of Les 3 Vallées.

Melting from the glaciers, it embarks on its long course made up of streams and rivers, offering magnificent landscapes and wonderful moments of refreshment.

The intensely coloured high-altitude lakes are amongst the natural beauties waiting to be discovered by hikers, whilst around the villages in the valley, other splendid lakes, some of which you can swim in, have become popular tourist spots.

To fully experience the intensity of Les 3 Vallées, a number of ski lifts are open, allowing all levels of hikers to access the mountain peaks.

In Les 3 Vallées, experience the freedom to take you to unsuspected places…

Once up there:

Trails lead you to discover spectacular views of the valley and surrounding mountains,

In the distance, a wilder landscape invites you to delight in the local fauna and flora, where ibexes, mountain goats, marmots and edelweiss take the lead,

And over there, you’ll find a more mineral environment, where stone and rock have taken up residence,

Finally, discover an alpine pasture where a farmer grazes his cattle in order to make Beaufort cheese...

Can you be tempted to taste the local products in the middle of your hike!?

Walk in Les 3 Vallées for family mountain holidays
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In the Courchevel valley

Discover small typical villages with a professional guide, a lake where you can swim, paths that meander through open forests, space-like high mountain landscapes... embarking on the hiking trails of the Courchevel valley, is to discover all the beauty that nature beholds according to your rise in altitude.

The Squirrel path

This easy, gently sloping forest hike is ideal not only for a delightful picnic stop, but also for picking delicious wild blueberries!

The loop starts from Courchevel 1850 and goes as far as the Bouc Blanc sector, towards Courchevel-La Tania.

Near Brides-les-Bains

At the foot of Les 3 Vallées, Brides-les-Bains ski resort and thermal village is the epicentre of well-being! Therefore, it’s no surprise that many hiking trails start here, leading walkers on a multitude of easy circuits.

The Salins-les-Thermes path

Along the Doron de Bozel River, this path takes you from Salin-les-Thermes to Brides-les-Bains (or vice versa). Shade and a slight freshness will accompany you for a most pleasant 3-kilometre hike, taking approximately 2 ½ hours.

Stroll on forest routes in Les 3 Vallées to refresh yourself
Lac du Lou between Les Menuires and Val Thorens in Les 3 Vallées

In the Méribel valley

Admire one of the most accomplished architectural examples of Savoyard resorts, with wooden and stone chalets built right on the slope; superbly dense landscaped forests for hikes with family or friends, accessible to all; the Tuéda Nature Reserve in the Vanoise National Park with its typical fauna and flora… everything in the Méribel Valley invites you to put on your hiking boots to explore it from top to bottom!

Along the water

This magnificent hike connects Méribel-Mottaret (rond-point area) to the centre of Méribel (Bois d'Arbin bus stop), along the Doron River, which is filled with water from the Gébroulaz glacier. It provides walkers with all the freshness they need to continue! Every now and then you’ll spot a small wooden bridge, which allows you to cross the stream. Easy and accessible, this route takes about 2 ½ hours. It can be done in a loop by taking a different riverbank on the way there and on the way back, one of which will take you through the hamlet of La Petite Rosière.

In the Belleville Valley

From Saint-Martin-de-Belleville to Val Thorens, via Les Menuires, the selection of hiking routes is endless in the Belleville Valley! From the discovery of the villages, to the emblematic peaks of these legendary resorts, made accessible by ski lift, the mountains here will never cease to amaze you.

Les Bruyères lake

A comfortable stroll awaits families here, around a lake whose surroundings have been developed to accommodate both 4x4 pushchairs, and walkers using baby carriers. In addition to the path that runs along the stream and around the lake, take advantage of your visit to this natural setting to discover one of the activities on offer. Are you more into picnics, afternoon snacks, fishing, having a nap or treetop adventure trails!? Take your pick!

Walk in the forest of Méribel in the heart of the 3 Valleys