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La reine des neiges II
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Before the opening of the ski area
Magazine Les 3 Vallées

Experiences: Skiing… and more!


The mountains are not a winter holiday destination for just one person. Of course, there is always one skiing addict in every group, but the others may want to take off their boots from time to time. While they love tearing down the pistes, an afternoon off can do the world of good! And they prefer staying inside when it is snowing, too cold, or foggy. In a word, if you are one of these people, there are countless things to do for a half-day, in the evening, on a bad-weather day or if your legs are sore!


Make a splash

It is now rare for anyone not to take a little aquatic break at least once during a week in the mountains. Faced with this demand, resorts have pulled out all the stops to provide the most enjoyable water parks and centres possible. With slides, swimming pools, relaxation areas, baby pools and swimming lessons, the offering is huge at Aquamotion Courchevel, the Mé- ribel Olympic pool, the Grand Spa Thermal in Brides-les-Bains, and Les Menuires and Val Thorens sports centres!


Fly through the skies

Get ready for paragliding, plane and helicopter flights from the Méribel and Courchevel altiports, the hot-air balloon available in Méribel since last winter, and ziplines in Val Thorens and Orelle. Maybe the best views in Les 3 Vallées are from the sky!


Indulge in some self-care

Even if holidays in the mountains are sportier than most, you should also be able to relax, recharge your batteries, and take care of yourself. And what better than a massage, a timeless moment just for you? In the resorts’ water parks, pools, and also in a number of hotels, spas are open to the public and offer a chance to broaden your horizons of pure pleasure!


Discover a different side to the mountains

Why not take the time to admire the natural beauty around you? Whether on foot or in snowshoes, you can explore the many different paths in Les 3 Vallées, designed to delight hiking enthusiasts and fans of the great outdoors who enjoy wandering the forests and the peaks.


Take on the ice world

Snow in Les 3 Vallées also means ice, and there are countless ways to enjoy it! Of course, there are ice-skating rinks in Courchevel and Méribel, with sessions open to the public and professional hockey matches with local hockey team Les Bouquetins du HCMP. But there are also other, more extreme experiences, including a unique immersion in the silent, magical world of ice diving in Val Thorens! This resort, the highest in Europe, also offers an ice driving track so you can unleash your inner racing driver and enjoy the most intense thrills.

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