Safety on the slopes

Safety on the slopes

At your disposal day night and day !

Day and night and all year round, hundreds of men and women work hard behind the scenes to ensure that The 3 Valleys (Les 3 Vallées) remains accessible and safe.

Whether ski patrollers, operations directors, arti cial snow technicians or heads of security and the pistes, they all work out of sight. And yet without them nothing we enjoy would be possible, such as snow of exceptional quality, pistes most can only dream about, a skilfully thought-out eet

of ski lifts and a skiing experience in total safety.

Figures that will make your head spin !


  • 3 000 ski school instructors and guides


  • 1 500 ski lift operators, patrollers (aka ‘pisteurs’), snow groomer operators, snowmaking technicians and others… In all, no fewer than 1,494 people are kept busy every winter ensuring the safety and free movement of skiers all over The 3 Valleys (Les 3 Vallées)!


  • 2 000 snowmakers are dotted around the pistes of The 3 Valleys (Les 3 Vallées). Artificial snow, made of nothing more than water and air and containing no additives, is essential because it ensures optimum snow conditions throughout the season. The network is supplied by 14 snowmaking plants.


  • 70 snow groomers maintain the 600 km of slopes making up the world’s largest ski area.


  • 3 580 protective mattresses (for lift towers and snowmakers).


  • 28 500 marker poles in the different piste colours (blue, green, red and black).