An history

Here 1400 km2 are fitted out for winter sports activities during the winter months and numerous other activities in the summer such as hiking, climbing, fishing and mountain biking. Les 3 Vallées® have come a long way since 1925.

At that time several English businessmen and experienced skiers wanted to create a resort in France like those that already existed in Austria and the Swiss Grisons. In order to do so they asked Arnold Lunn, the most senior of the British skiers and inventor of the slalom, to go and explore the Saint-Bon valley. He organised a small expedition to methodically prospect the Dauphinoise and Savoyard Alps. His verdict of Les 3 Vallées® was as follows : “in Savoie there is an exceptional site that comprises three almost parallel valleys : Saint-Bon, Les Allues and Belleville. In spite of their different features, they lend themselves well to the development of large resorts.

Les 3 Vallées skipass creation

Until 1970, each ski lift company was independently run. Anyone wishing to ski Les 3 Vallées needed to buy a ski pass from several different companies: a 3 Vallées pass would have been the perfect solution!

In 1971, Joseph FONTANET, Minister and Mayor of Saint Martin de Belleville, Eugêne BLANCHE, Mayor of Les Allues, and Maurice MOREL, Mayor of Saint-Bon, assisted by the Tourist office directors, made the decision to promote the “3 Vallées” concept and label.

They advised the ski lift companies to create a “3 Vallées” ski pass; a suggestion which was warmly welcomed, and from summer 1971, a whole range of 3 Vallées ski passes was available.