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Frozen 2, the new animated film from the walt disney studios

« Frozen 2 »
to discover on the slopes of word's largest ski area!

To make the 2020 season even more magical, “Les 3 Vallées®” are partnering up with the latest animated Disney film, Frozen 2, released in cinemas on 20 november.

Entertainment, family, and sharing are values upheld by both Les 3 Vallées® – The world’s largest ski area – and Disney.
It was therefore quite natural for them to form a creative partnership to delight families and children alike.

A unique spectacle based on Frozen 2 is waiting to be discovered on the slopes.


Visitors will be able to enjoy a treasure hunt on skis, following in the footsteps of Elsa and Anna along an exciting snow-filled route. There are 14 other fun adventures shown on a map of the ski area, including pistes renamed Frozen 2 and unusual sites such as an ice cave, a labyrinth, a cabin, gondola lifts decorated in the style of the film, and a mysterious place where Olaf might be hiding…These 14 incredible steps allow children to win a medal at the end of the day, as well as a certificate and lots more prizes.




Finally, to live this event to the full, Frozen 2 packages will be offered in every resort in the ski area. As well as accommodation for seven days and a 3 Vallées ski pass, there are also tickets to see the film during the holidays and a number of activities such as ice skating, snowman workshops, and wooden sculpture classes.

A magical winter awaits in Les 3 Vallées!

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