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Nutritional advice: the skier’s diet


Driven by his 17 years of experience creating healthy cuisine, Jean-Pascal Laugier, Chef at the Hotel Altis Val Vert ***, has all the answers when it comes to eating healthy, delicious food. As he is also an accomplished skier, he has whipped up the perfect menu for a week on the slopes. The secret is to keep a balanced diet.

The Chef’s Tip: “Before I leave the house, I prepare a thermos of hot water with lemon and honey to stay hydrated throughout the day!”



There’s no time for a lie-in on a skiing holiday. The pistes are best during the early hours! Time for a breakfast of champions, without leaving anything out. Dried fruits and seeds, cereals, fats and proteins to get the day off to a great start.


It’s time for lunch, and it’s hard to avoid a delicious, traditional dish made with cheese when you’re in the mountains. Indulge, but not every day! Keep yourself fully hydrated to ensure your body has enough minerals.


As lunch was a little extravagant, your body is lacking a few things you have to make up for at dinner. A hearty soup is a good idea, as it provides you with all the necessary fibres and vegetables you’ve missed out on during the day.

Throughout the day

Skiing is a sport, and anyone doing a physical activity is going to sweat. It is therefore very important to stay constantly hydrated, and drink before you feel thirsty. You use a lot of energy, so don’t hold back on food and fluids – now is not the time to start dieting. And if you feel peckish on the slopes, have a cereal bar pronto!

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