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Workout: 5 fitness ideas


5 fitness ideas for you to tone, sculpt, stretch or recover after a day on the slopes. Whatever resort you stay in, you will find your happiness. So put on your sportswear and go!


Idea #1

yoga pilates Les Menuires

Drop by the Sports Centre in Les Menuires for classes such as body-bar, Zumba, circuit training, aqua-biking, step, cardio sculpting, aqua-fitness, cardio dance, fit-ball Pilates and flipper fitness.

Idea #2

Before going skiing, follow the advice of Kevin Eugène, a physical sports coach at the spa in Brides-les-Bains, and work your muscles twice a week for 25 minutes. Exercises include the chair, bends/extensions, and abs reinforcement.

Idea #3

Finish a day’s skiing with stretching! Kevin recommends 20 minutes to relax your muscles including hamstrings, quads, glutes and abs.

Idea #4

Come to Orelle to take advantage of Laurence’s cross-fit and fitness classes.

Idea #5


The Aquamotion leisure centre in Courchevel is continuing to innovate with new two features combining sports and technology. The first is Full-Body Cryotherapy, a cold treatment that reduces pain and inflammation throughout the whole body. The second exciting development is the Icaros machine. This virtual reality fitness equipment uses a VR helmet to give you the impression of flying, while really working all the body’s muscles.

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