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Smoothies and juices, look no further!


For juice lovers wishing to stock up on vitamins, here is a selection of our best places to sip delicious juices and smoothies in Les 3 Vallées.


Lounge bar Les Voûtes du Parc

Nestled in the Brides-les-Bains thermal park, the bar-lounge Les Voûtes du Parc offers fresh cocktails and fruit juices according to the day’s inspirations. And Cyril whips up delicious smoothies on the outdoor terrace to be enjoyed under toasty covers.

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Local talents

Ceramicist, artist, cabinetmaker, innkeeper... Every single one synonymous with quality! Meet the “folks” of Les 3 Vallées.
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Klébert SILVESTRE, guardian of the black bee

Les Belleville commune in the Tarentaise region is home to a devoted and fervent defender of a bee variety perfectly adapted to the region, the Apis mellifera mellifera, more commonly known as the black bee.
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The treasures of the Vanoise national Park

535 km2 criss-crossed by 400 kilometres of marked trails, the Vanoise National Park extends all the way to the 3 Vallées area, a stretch of land filled with remarkable wildlife and plantlife, comprising stunning landscapes dotted with pastoral architecture. A wealth of untouched treasures.
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