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Here and (maybe) here alone 🤩




Ski before and after everybody else

During your stay, don’t miss the “First Track” experience from the top of La Saulire (starting out from Méribel Mottaret). Before the slopes open, be part of a luckyfew who’ll be able to make the first descent of the day on freshly groomed runs. Feel your skis glide over crisp snow as the sun rises above the mountaintops,creating a magical spectacle that totally justifies theearly start. You can also try the “Last Track” version inMéribel Mottaret. After a sunset drink, don your skis fora star-lit descent, torch in hand.


Horse riding in the snow

Riding a horse through the snow is every equestrian’s dream.
To find your mount, head to Méribel’s equestrian centre. Set off on a ride through magnificent snow-covered landscapes, and after galloping lightly through the snow, you’ll arrive at Lac de Tueda. At the heart of the nature reserve, revel in the landscape and the snow glistening in the sunlight. Sitting high up on your saddle, you’ll be in the perfect position to soak up everything this unique ride through Les 3 Vallées has to offer.
📞 +33 (0)4 57 37 17 21


Drive a piste groomer

Are you a petrolhead who’s always dreamed of driving a piste groomer? In Courchevel, climb aboard one
of these huge machines with 470 horsepower under its bonnet. You’ll be accompanied by a co-pilot
who’ll give you tips and guidance along the way. Two packages are available: a half-day of driving around the Altiport circuit, or, become a tracked vehicle driver for an hour at nightfall. Push, grind, groom… it’s your turn to become a snow architect!
📞 + 33 (0)4 79 22 16 71


The Big Blue, ice edition

In the Belleville Valley, around a forty-minute walk will bring you to Lac du Lou, at an altitude of 2,035 metres. It’s the perfect place for your very first diving experience… under the ice. Wearing a thick wetsuit, perch on the side of a hole cut into the ice before taking the plunge. Splash! You’ll find yourself in a new, strangely silent world. There aren’t any fish here, but what a sight! The air bubbles and light seem to dance together beneath the ice. You can also go ice-diving in the lake at Courchevel Le Praz, this time minus the walk to the site beforehand.
📞 +33 (0)6 13 76 78 74
📞 + 33 (0)4 79 22 16 71


“First track” photo credit : David AndrĂ© / “Horse riding” photo credit : Sylvain Aymoz / “Piste groomer” photo credit : Courchevel Tourisme / “Diving” photo credit : Blue Focus Production

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