Before your departure

Before your departure

There’s a big difference between driving through town and driving in the mountains. We went to the Alain Prost ice-racing track in Val Thorens to learn about the right way to drive on the snow. Two professional drivers, a BMW 3 Series and the team from the Ice Driving Val Thorens came along for the ride.

Advice from Gilles Nantet, four-time French Rally champion :
When you drive on ice or snow, the most important word to remember is “anticipation”. You need to do everything you can to avoid surprises. It’s vital. The final twist of the steering wheel when coming out of a turn can be
very dangerous. You can’t rush it. And if you feel the car starting to slide, you can’t lose your head: the most important this is to get your traction back by accelerating very gently. My motto is: ‘eggs under your feet, feathers in your hands!’ You also need to know how to trust your car. The most recent sedan cars, like the BMW 3 Series we tested this morning, are equipped with electronic stability control, which really helps if your car starts to skid. All of these things should be taken into account.

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