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Our top 5 3 Valleys hikes!

⏱3.00 - Difficult - Round trip: 9 km

"Les Lacs Merlet"

Discover two high altitude lakes set at the heart of the Vanoise National Park. Reaching depths of 28 metres, lac Merlet supérieur is the deepest in the park. To get to the Ariondaz crossroads (20 min drive), follow the gravel road towards «Refuge des lacs Merlet». You can also walk along an easy path that’s signposted to lacs Merlet, then lac Merlet inférieur and lac Merlet supérieur. There are a variety of other routes that lead to the lakes.

⏱4.30 - Medium - 13.6km

"Le refuge du Saut" by "Les Ramées"

A loop route to appreciate a great diversity of landscapes, flora (spruce, pine cembro…) and fauna (marmots, eagles, chamois, ibex).

⏱1h00 - 1h30 - Easy

The path of "La Gorge aux Pigeons"

With only 100 meters of altitude difference, this is an easy walk in a haven of peace. We appreciate the view on Brides-les-Bains, but also on the Meribel valley and Grand Bec.

Les Menuires
⏱5H00 - DIFFICULT - 785 D+

"Le Pas de Cherferie"

A hike above Saint-Marcel which goes through old hamlets like La Loy. Enjoy a beautiful view of the Vallée des Belleville and Meribel from the Pas de Cherferie.

Les Belleville
⏱2H00 - EASY

"Le lac du Lou" at dusk

Accessible to the whole family, this walk lasts 1.5 hours with the hissing of marmots in the background and the smell of the thyme. On arrival, it is a little corner of paradise, nestled in a preserved valley, which is revealed to the eyes of hikers.
They discover the largest and most beautiful lake in the Belleville Valley, sublimated by the sunset. A good gourmet stopover follows.
deserved at the Lou lake refuge before the night descent, at the headlamp or by moonlight. Magic !

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